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Promotional Baby Clothes

Purchase baby clothes in bulk personalised with your company's logo or preferred graphic from Cubic Promote, the leading provider of promotional products in Australia with 18 years of experience. We offer a wide selection of top-quality infant clothes that can be personalised, including onesies, t-shirts, dresses, headwear, bibs, hoodies, and more. Because all our stock is kept in Australia, you can be confident that your infant garments with your logo will be delivered immediately. 

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Ideal Use Cases of Customised Baby Clothing

  • Retail and Boutiques: Speciality children’s stores and boutiques can stock a range of baby clothes, offering stylish, high-quality outfits for infants and toddlers.

  • Hospitals and Maternity Wards: Hospitals can provide baby clothes to new parents, especially for newborn photo shoots or going-home outfits, enhancing the birthing experience.

  • Childcare Centres: Daycare and childcare centres can offer branded baby clothes as part of their enrollment package or as uniforms for daily wear.

  • Corporate Gifting: Companies can include branded baby clothes in parental leave packages or as gifts to employees and clients who are new parents, showing support for their family life.

  • Community and Charitable Programs: Charities and community organisations can distribute baby clothes as part of aid packages to support underprivileged or in-need families, ensuring every child has access to basic clothing.

How to Care for Personalised Baby Garments

Here are the tips on how to care for logo-branded kids’ shorts:

  • Use Gentle Detergent: Opt for mild, baby-friendly laundry soap to protect delicate skin.
  • Wash Before First Use: Remove any residues to ensure the fabric is safe for the baby's skin.
  • Separate Colours: Keep light and dark colours separate to avoid dye transfer.
  • Cold or Warm Wash: This is to prevent shrinking and maintain fabric integrity.
  • Tumble Dry Low or Air Dry: Low heat or air drying helps preserve the shape and softness.
  • Avoid Bleach and Fabric Softeners: These can irritate the baby's skin and break down fabric fibres.
  • Fasten Closures: Secure snaps, buttons, and Velcro to prevent snagging during the wash cycle.

FAQs on Promotional Baby Clothes

Are your baby clothes made from safe materials for sensitive skin?

Absolutely, they are crafted from hypoallergenic and soft fabrics, perfect for children’s delicate skin.

Are the clothes easy to put on and take off?

Our baby clothes come with easy snaps and stretchy necklines to make changes a breeze. You may also explore our collection of kids’ hoodies and kids’ t-shirts customised for your branding requirements!

What sizes of baby clothes do you have available?

From tiny newborns to energetic toddlers, we've got sizes to fit as they grow.

Do you have baby clothes suitable for the Australian climate?

Yes, from lightweight clothes for the summer to cosy jumpers for the cooler months, we've got your baby covered year-round.

Are these products locally stocked in Australia?

Yes, our products are locally stocked in Australia, allowing for quick and easy access, especially for bulk orders and customisation needs.

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