Promotional Products for Banks and Finance Institutes

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The backbone of Australia's economy are our banks and our financial sector.  Every business big or small would depend on a bank in either a small or big capacity.  The same goes with every retail customer.  It could be a simple savings account for your child or a large investment property loan for a sophisticated investor.  Either way banks and financial institutions more than many other companies will have a very diverse range of clientele and realistically will have a marketing strategy which is equally as diverse.

With this in mind it therefore makes good sense to have a range of promotional items for banks that are equally as diverse and equally as interesting to ensure that all walks of life and all types of transactions and clients are catered for.
We have compiled some suggestions for promotional products for the Aussie banking sector that we think would work quite well in placing your financial institution at the forefront of your clients mind.

Products for Consumer Retail Banking

Consumer banking covers a lot of different areas.  This diversity means there are lots of different options available to you.  Some suggestions we have include items that fit in with the type of financial product such as:

  • Savings Accounts (branded piggy banks, promotional umbrellas)
  • Home lending (hackey sacks, stressballs, bottled water, fold out magic cubes, rubik cubes)
  • Credit Cards (fold out credit card cubes, novelty promotional pens, candy cups)
  • Personal Loans (sticky notes, custom flashdrives)
  • Investment property loans (corporate gifts, wine glasses, metal yoyos, metal pens)
  • Car loans (car shaped stressballs, promotional candy, mousepads)

If the products were specifically targeted at an event or an event some great ideas include:

  • Promotional Bottles
  • Branded Backpacks
  • Printed Tote bags
  • Mints
  • Pens
  • Botttled Water
  • Lipbalm
  • Stress balls
  • Personalised Chocolates

The banking industry more so than many other sectors have used promotional merchandise effectively for many years already.  The humble promotional coin bank that many Australians would have received in primary school is an excellent example.  Banks have also tailored their marketing products to the event as well as the typical customer demographic. 

Bank Branches In-Store

One cool think about walking into a typical bank branch is that there are always items branded with their logo on display.  The products not only look great and liven up an otherwise sterile corporate office look but they also raise the possibility that us as customers may walk away with one!  Some great products for in store display include:

  • Piggy banks
  • Beachballs
  • Stressballs
  • Promotional Caps

Promotional Piggy Bank

Business Banking for Small & Medium Companies

Australian banks have been keen to woo customers within the Business banking sector for small and medium companies.  Their products are absolutely indispensible for many business owners.  Some of the products that have been extremely successful for marketing to business owners include items such as:

  • Promotional compendiums
  • Printed satchels
  • Corporate Candy
  • Corporate Umbrellas
  • Promotional Golf Packs
  • Bottled Water
  • Promotional Bags

For Institutional Bankers

For larger banking transactions your clientele will typically be corporate executives.  Some nice corporate gifts will always go down well.  Some good product ideas include:

  • Corporate Wine Gift Sets
  • Branded BBQ Gift Sets
  • A large capacity flashdrive - ie. 16gb or 32gb
  • Personalised Pairs of binnoculous
  • Metal keyrings

Choosing products for the banking and finance industry is extremely flexible and will change depending on who you are marketing your product to. Australian banks have been using promo items for decades now and with great marketing success.  All our major banks are institutions which are household names and the second tier of banks are equally just as well known.  If you would like some more ideas on marketing merchandise for banks and finance companies why not contact us for some free ideas!

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Charles Liu

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