Promotional Belts

Purchase promotional belts with your artwork or logo printed on them. Our waist belts are made from leather; some are even installed with a pedometer! Since we keep our inventory in Australia, you will receive your mass-produced branded belts quicker. The prices here, expressed in Australian dollars, do not include GST.

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Your Logo Is Embossed On Our Belts

Using our innovative branding strategies, Cubic Promote will assist you in enhancing the exposure of your business. We use embossing to put your logo on our beautiful belts. Your logo will be firmly affixed to the belts utilising this form of decorating.

Fast Delivery Across Australia

We will ship your order anywhere in Australia, no matter how remote the area is. In most cases, orders take two weeks to fulfil. However, if you need your orders quickly, Cubic Promote can get them to you in three days. If you have any inquiries regarding your orders, please do not hesitate to speak to our helpful customer support team.

What is a Belt?

A belt is a slender, adjustable band of fabric that wraps around a person's waist. Its primary purpose is to prevent pants or skirts from slipping or accentuating someone's waist. You can add our custom belts as a nifty accessory when you purchase your staff's uniform from us. Our personalised belts include plenty of room for a company's logo or message to be imprinted.

How to Care for Custom Branded Belts

You should take into account the following when caring for your logo branded belts:

  • Keep your belt clean and fresh-smelling by wiping it down with a damp napkin once in a while to remove dust and debris.
  • If you want your belt to last a long time and look great, it is recommended that you invest in leather conditioner.
  • You can also soak the leather belt in baking soda to eliminate odour. Just be sure to wipe it dry quickly.

FAQ on Branded Belts

Do you supply belts with custom printing?

Yes, we sell belts with your logo branded on them using embossing.

What is the minimum number of logo-printed belts I can order?

A minimum purchase of 10 pieces is required.

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