Something we are really interested in at Cubic Promote is creative packaging of products. Because we supply such a huge array of items we know how important it is for a product to stand out to the consumer. Unique packaging ideas are key in the competitive consumer driven market. One way of making your packaging stand out is to make it interactive. It creates a fun and memorable experience for the consumer.

I’ve chosen 5 interactive packaging designs that captured my attention. Some of these have actually been implemented, while others are simply design ideas. Check them out!

Origami Bottle Label

personalized bottles origami

We have seen our fair share of custom branded bottles, however this origami version that folds out into a pretty flower label is something special. I often find myself fiddling with my empty bottles. I love the idea of having a little project to work on and something to create instead of just aimlessly tearing the label.

Playful Turning Coffee Cup Design

Capture interactive-packaging-ideas-product-design-44

The faces on these coffee cups rotate, its a fun idea and you can make your coffee cup look the way you feel.

Squishable Wine Box



There's nothing better than feeling like you deserve a nice glass of wine and since you have to pump the wine out of this container you will certainly feel like you've worked for it. Make sure you squeeze wine until the last drop!

Sweet Packet That Turns Into A Toy


Kids love having something new to play with, even the most simple of items can entertain them for hours on end. Eating sweets is always a treat for children but knowing there is something to make and play with at the end of it makes it even more of a treat.

Bottle Photo Prop


We love any excuse to take silly photos and imagine how much fun you would be at a party if the drinks you provided doubled as photo props.

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