A lot of big businesses talk the talk when it comes to promotional merchandise that is considerate of the environment. However, many of them fail to walk the walk. A&W Canada's latest limited edition capsule collection, created in association with Frankie Collective, features material "thrifted" from old branded apparel. The resulting merchandise is entirely unique and shows clearly that upcycling promotional items can make for innovative new merchandise at a low environmental cost.

aw canada branded thrift line

A Unique Way to Use Old Merchandise

A&W is a popular North American fast food company, so they're very familiar with using branded merchandise to promote what they do. However, the business didn't want to create more waste with their latest line of apparel and that led them to partner with Vancouver's Frankie Collective, a known upcycled streetwear producer. The resulting merchandise line will hit the A&W online "Thrift Store" on December 3rd and be an extremely limited edition affair (only 470 pieces of clothing will be available, total). However the goal of this branded apparel release isn't quantity, it's quality. Every item in the collection will be unique and factor in pieces of salvaged A&W branded clothing, alongside other material pieces to create wholly original pieces of clothing!

aw logo branded clothing full custom aw apparel set

Custom Products That Think Outside The Box

While the cost of producing individually made upcycled clothing isn't cheap, this line is being advertised as high fashion and limited edition, which means that consumers who are happy to pay a little bit more will most likely be satisfied with their higher-end purchase. For large businesses that are conscious about how they're perceived with regard to their environmental strategies these eye-catching capsule drops are a great way to drum up interest. If you're a smaller organisation then a better choice for you might be using promotional products that can be recycled after their useful life is over (like M&Ms in Branded Boxes) or items manufactured from some (or all) recycled materials (like Custom Recycled Cover Notebooks). These eco-friendly product options allow smaller businesses and events to be considerate of the planet without breaking the bank.

No matter what you're after, when it comes to eco promo goods the Cubic Promote team can give you a hand. Speak to our customer care managers today to learn more about our favourite eco products as well as pricing and delivery information.


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