Promotional socks are becoming the must-have marketing item of 2018 because of their affordable price tags, robust design, low minimum quantities (from 15 pairs!), and high level of customisation. Big brands such as McDonald's turn to promotional socks for McHappy Day while charitable organisations across Australia know the value of a good pair of socks when it comes to fundraising. Check out, in depth, why personalised socks are having a resurgence!


  1. Customisable socks boost visibility.
  2. Socks provide long-term brand promotion.
  3. Promotional socks create customer appreciation.


promotional socks for big brands

Personalised Socks for Marketing Success

So what makes custom branded socks stand out from the crowd, and why do big businesses like Twitter and Facebook love giving branded socks to their staff? It all comes down to the blend of form and function. Socks are;

  • Affordable items of apparel! If you're operating with a restricted budget or need to buy promotional products in bulk, custom socks are a great option. They're cheaper than polo shirts, jackets, or business shirts, but are still wearable items that work well as part of a uniform.
  • Long-lasting products! We make our range of socks from materials proven to be durable, so they last as long as possible. Your recipients will enjoy wearing them to work or just around the house at their leisure. While all clothing can wear out over time, promotional socks can last quite a while without needing to be replaced.
  • Able to be branded all-over! If your campaign needs serious branding or you just want to utilise a large, colourful design then promotional socks are a great option. We can decorate them from top to bottom with your unique slogan or logo.
  • Highly coveted items! Socks are products that people want to purchase on their own and will be happy to pay for a decorated pair of socks in support of a charity or community group. McDonald's sells socks for McHappy Day every year to overwhelming success, or you could give them away as limited edition gifts to loyal customers like Guzman y Gomez have in recent months.

twitter branded socks

Marketing Campaign: Why Socks Matter?

It's time for your business to join the big leagues and invest in the same promotional products that Toyota, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Twitter, and Google all swear by. Logo branded socks can be as outrageously colourful and crazy as you want (great idea for charities or themed events) or they can be subtle and ideal for everyday business wear (perfect for gifting to staff or clients). When you want a bulk promotional product that can be tailored to suit your needs without compromising on quality or decoration options, personalised socks are the answer.

Returns on Investment

Four reasons why promotional socks are a worthwhile investment according to data.

  • Customer Appreciation: A survey by the Advertising Speciality Institute revealed that customers who received free promotional items felt more valued by the business.
  • Increased Visibility: Each time a customer wears your promotional socks, they grant your brand an audience - whether consciously or not. It's free, wearable publicity.
  • Long-Term Impact: Durable promotional products like socks have a longer shelf life, creating repeated impressions over time, thus improving brand recall.
  • Cost-Effective Strategy: Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional socks prove to be more cost-effective in the long run since they continue to promote your business long after they're distributed.


In conclusion, personalised socks are not just a trendy marketing tool, but a powerhouse in brand promotion and visibility. They combine the practicality of an everyday item with the creativity of design and the overall impact on brand value. Given their affordability, versatility in design, and substantial returns on investment, promotional socks can play an integral part in your business marketing strategy. So whether it's for an event such as McHappy Day or a corporate festivity, adding promotional socks to your repertoire could be one decision that you won't regret.