Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, you recognise these names right? These are some of the most electrifyingly brilliant artists that have ever lived. Their drawings have inspired billions, so what would it look like if these same artists had a logo which represents them in the modern world? Wonder no more, a Brazillian artist, called Milton Omena, decided to create some visuals which portray the perfect logo for famous painters.


1. Famous artist logos inspire branding.
2. Keep logo design simple and unique.
3. Consistency is integral for success.

Logo Inspired By Famous Artists

  • Leonardo da Vinci - So, what would it look like if Leonardo needed some business cards in 2018? What would it look like? Perhaps he needed some promotional mousepads to show off his work? What images would he use? Well the graphic designer Milton Omena, decided to look at Leonardo's body of work in history. Sketches, manuscripts, art and creations. All of Leonardo's work is incredibly detailed, but hey we are talking about December 2018 where Minimalism in design is everywhere you go. So here we go, This is what his logo will look like:

davinci notebooks

  • Pablo Picasso - The sculptor and painter Picasso needs no introduction, but what would his business cards look like? His art is the most expensive in the world, even among his peers. Check out what an interpretation of his logo will look like below.

picasso logo

Trivia: Rumour has it that Picasso used a Moleskine notebook, much like the versions that we sell in wholesale bulk volumes for customised Moleskines.

  • Jackson Pollock - Possibly the first person to indeed popularise abstract painting. His work may be confusing, angry, dramatic and polarising. He would need a logo which summarises his body of work as well as his painting methods.

pollock logo

  • Van Gogh - How about Vincent Van Gogh? Everyone would have seen his famous drawings which involve the unique use of wavy brush stroke patterns. If Van Gogh needed business cards, or promotional flash drives in this modern age, a logo such as the one illustrated below would seem to be most appropriate.

van gogh logos

Aussie Businesses: Drawing Inspiration

Australia has a rich heritage of art and culture. Drawing inspiration from famous artists' logos is an unconventional but brilliant idea to showcase this heritage through branding pieces. If you're looking to appeal to beachwear/lifestyle brands or bohemian-style clothing brands, then incorporating specific artwork themes would work wonders.

You can take this idea even further by having specialized branding pieces designed around Australian cultural events like the Melbourne Cup, Sydney's Mardi Gras Parade, the ANZAC Day Memorial or even National Reconciliation Week.

Innovative Logo Design Tips

Looking to create a logo that sets your business apart from the rest? Look no further than these innovative logo design tips. Whether you prioritize simplicity or uniqueness, color choice or consistency, there are key steps you can take to ensure that your logo captures the essence of your brand and resonates with customers.

  • Keep it Simple: Your logo should communicate the essence of your business while remaining easily recognizable at first glance.
  • Use Colours Wisely: Colour association is one of the most critical aspects of logo design because colour affects human emotions and perceptions. Choose colours that represent your brand identity (this could typically match with more conventional locations like mountainside areas.).
  • Be Unique: Your logo needs to stand out from others in your industry - so avoid using overdone ideas like generic fonts/fonts with templates (Comic Sans), stock imagery/graphics which do not match corporate image standards specifications – instead aim for innovative designs!
  • Stay Consistent: No matter where or how you use your logo - on business cards or marketing materials, online/offline content channels/platforms- consistency is integral! Ensure that all facets contribute towards conveying what makes YOU different, & what your business offer is compared to competitors.


Creating a logo inspired by famous artists can be an innovative way to showcase your brand's identity and heritage. By incorporating specific artwork themes that represent your business, you can stand out from competitors and attract customers who appreciate uniqueness. Remember to keep it simple, use colors wisely, stay consistent, and always strive for originality when designing your logo. With these tips in mind, you'll be on the right track to creating a memorable and successful branding piece!


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