When a medical solutions company needs a revamp of their corporate look and feel, what do they do? Most organisation would go for a simple, almost sterile look in the medical industry but Vuelo (formerly Membracel) opted to go with something completely different. Along with the Centro Brasil Design agency they came up with a vibrant range of marketing merchandise that you won't forget in a hurry!

Colourful Promotional Product Rebrand Badges

Bright Colours Equals Memorable Marketing

What immediately grabs your attention about the Vuelo rebrand is its vibrant colours. Rather than subscribe to the quiet and dour colours so prominent in their industry, they wanted bright colours that would inspire consumers to be curious and positive. The use of eye-catching purples and blues, used consistently throughout the branding, helps draw the eyes while the variant colour mixes of yellow and red provide a fantastic contrast.

Colourful Promotional Product Rebrand Bags Colourful Promotional Product Rebrand Shirts

Vuelo naturally have used this assortment of bold colours on their business cards, stationery, and promotional mugs and tote bags to enrich their marketing appeal. But they didn't stop with their promotional goods - they extended the branding colours to their packaging. Given most medication and medical assistance products come in plain white packaging, this gave them an immediate boost in appeal. Patients even went so far as to describe the packaging as so innovative, it makes you forget you have a problem.

Colourful Promotional Product Rebrand Notebook Colourful Promotional Product Rebrand Mug

Not only do Vuelo's recipients feel relieved and ultimately confident about buying their products, the consistency between the packaging and their corporate merchandise means their message is clear to all those who interact with them. So if you're planning on rebranding, or you just want to produce some new marketing goodies like tote bags with a design that captures audiences think outside the box. If everyone in your industry is doing one thing, maybe you should consider some other options. Cubic Promote is always here to help you along the way.

Products first spotted here: http://saad-studio.com/en/cases-branding-design/vuelo-branding-design/