Cooking is hot hot hot at the moment. In fact what originally seemed to be a bit of a novelty and a bit of a fad that would fade away 5 years ago with the first episode of MasterChef has not just continued but snowballed and morphed into a huge industry in itself. There are now several reality shows revolving around cooking whilst T.V chefs are as popular as ever.

As a lead supplier of branded merchandise we have been lucky enough to work with a few reality television franchises in delivering products printed with their logos. Our most recent work was the MKR (My Kitchen Rules). As the interest in cooking has increased it makes sense to have products branded with your logo made just for the home and specifically just for the kitchen. Why? Well using products personalised with your logo is all about the act of giving and at the same time creating brand awareness by having the recipient see your brand all the time. With that in mind what better way than to give them a product that will be used often, during leisure hours and is relevant with the times.

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What types of Companies Would Benefit From Promotional Cooking Products?

The types of companies that would benefit would include any business that offers a service or a product related to the household. This would be extremely broad and would include insurance, banking, food manufacturers, food retailers, appliances, utility companies (ie. phone and electricity) to name but a few. Cooking products branded with your logo can be distributed by:

- Sales Staff
- Tip On Gifts with a purchase
- Retail product
- Handout Freebies
- Individual corporate gifts

Some of the products on offer that have been popular include:

Oven Mitts
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Cheese Boards
Cooler Bags
SeedSticks (for herbs)
BBQ Sets
Picnic Sets

To buy yours branded with your logo or to get some more ideas for your next event simply contact us via email: or just give us a call.