Lollipops aren't the first mainstream product that comes to mind when you think "recyclable." However, with some clever engineering, one organic confectionery business has made tasty lollipop candies that can be recycled into plants! Curious? So were we. Check out more below.


  • Amborella Organics offers promotional lollipops with organic flavors and recycled paper sticks that can be repurposed into plants.
  • The company's innovative approach highlights the importance of using recyclable products for environmental benefits.
  • Embracing sustainable practices like these can enhance a business's brand image and customer loyalty.

red lollipop with organic flavors and recycled paper sticks with strawberry fruit background

Promotional Confectionery That Can Be Recycled

The team at Amborella Organics decided that their range of delicious lollipops weren't just food to be consumed and the packaging tossed aside. The company decided to create a range of promotional lollipops. These lollipops feature organic flavours and recycled paper sticks that can be repurposed after you've finished eating your candy!

custom recycle lollipop fruit  custom recycle lollipop flowers

Rather than your standard range of flavours, these lollipops draw their flavouring from natural taste combos that also feature as seeds hidden in the lollipop sticks! For example; Vanilla & Hibiscus grows a vanilla scented Baby Blue Eyes flowers, Lavender & Lemongrass grows lavender, and Sage & Marshmallow grows sage. All consumers need to do is enjoy eating their lollipop then pop the stick into a pot of soil and water it. After a few days, the seeds will start to germinate, and you'll have a lovely little plant to take care of.

custom recycle lollipop colours custom recycle lollipop sweet

This is a great idea for clients and events where environmental awareness is paramount. Not only does it minimise wastage it means the product has a fun dual purpose for adults and kids alike. We can wait to see more customised lollipops that give back like these!

Why Recyclable Products?

Using promotional eco-friendly products is crucial for several reasons, all of which contribute to a more sustainable and healthier environment. Here are some key reasons why it's important to use recyclable products:


  • Resource conservation: Recycling helps conserve valuable natural resources, such as minerals, water, and timber, by reducing the need for raw materials. This, in turn, decreases the pressure on ecosystems and habitats.

  • Energy savings: Manufacturing new products from recycled materials typically requires less energy compared to producing them from raw materials. This leads to lower energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Waste reduction: Using recyclable products helps minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators. This not only saves space but also reduces the release of harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases produced during waste decomposition.

  • Pollution prevention: Recycling reduces pollution by decreasing the need for extracting, refining, and processing raw materials, which often generate air and water pollution.

  • Climate change mitigation: By conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling plays a vital role in mitigating climate change and its adverse effects on the planet.

  • Economic benefits: The recycling industry creates jobs and contributes to the economy by transforming waste materials into valuable resources. Additionally, using recycled materials can be more cost-effective for businesses.

  • Promotes sustainable living: Using recyclable products encourages a more responsible and sustainable lifestyle, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship among individuals and communities.

  • Protects biodiversity: By reducing the demand for raw materials, recycling helps preserve natural habitats and protect the biodiversity that relies on these ecosystems.

  • Enhances brand image: Businesses that prioritize the use of recyclable products demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which can boost their reputation and customer loyalty.


In conclusion, Amborella Organics has ingeniously combined the concept of recyclable products with confectionery, creating a unique and eco-friendly promotional item. Their organic lollipops not only delight the taste buds, but also inspire environmental awareness and sustainable living by transforming the used sticks into thriving plants. This innovative approach highlights the importance and benefits of using recyclable products, from conserving resources to promoting biodiversity and enhancing brand image. As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, businesses that embrace sustainable practices like these will undoubtedly stand out and make a lasting impact.

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