Custom Branded Mats

One of the unsung heroes of the promotional product world is the humble custom floor mat. Although floor mats aren't the first item that tends to spring to mind when we typically think of branded merchandise, countless Australian businesses and events use custom printed floor mats and runners to enhance their brand presence and overall aesthetic. So today, on the Cubic Promote blog, we thought we'd talk about the value of branded floor mats and their usage in Australia.

Mix of Different Promotional Floor Runner Mats

What is a Custom Floor Mat?

A custom floor mat is a fabric covering which features a unique design, usually with an anti-slip backing, that people can place on floors to protect surfaces and prevent slips or trips. Custom floor mats are often brightly coloured to draw attention to where people should stand in a facility, to welcome visitors to a business, or to advertise some aspect of the organisation.

Why use Promotional Floor Mats?

First and foremost, floor mats have practical purposes that are often considered necessary in the workplace. For example, some floor mats are placed to help protect sensitive surfaces from damage by foot traffic, while others are there primarily for the public's safety, giving people better capacity for gripping and helping to prevent falls. So if you have some shiny floors that could be a slip hazard or you don't want a worn spot on your carpet getting worse, then practicality might drive you to order promotional floor mats.

Sometimes, however, people have no practical need for floor mats; they want to enhance the look of their premises or to advertise directly to visitors. Other times we'll find clients have a mix of both needs or want to try something new in-store.

Types of Branded Floor Covering

You might be surprised to learn that there are a few different types of custom floor mats on the market, but undoubtedly you've likely seen some of these in the wild.

Black Promotional Welcome Mat

Classic Floor Mats aka The Welcome Mat

You might be familiar with these floor mats as they greet you when you enter facilities such as Australia Post, your local GP's office, or school administration buildings. Classically sized to fit doorways and impart a message upon entry, these are often dubbed "welcome mats" and are our best-selling choice for custom floor mats. Not only are they practical in size and style, they come fully customised in vibrant colours allowing you to display your logo, advise people where to stand, or simply welcome them inside.

Decorative School Floor Runner

Floor Runners aka Long Mats or Hallway Mats

Another popular choice you might have spotted in the wild are floor runners, which are longer and thinner than classic mats and are usually suitable for advertising down hallways due to their style. Custom hallway mats are a popular option in government buildings as they can display long and detailed messages, but they're also common in Australian schools and universities, where they tend to feature house emblems or school mottos.

Exhibition Mat APPA Design

Exhibition Mats aka Conference and Event Mats

A great way to stand out from the crowd at your next expo, exhibitors place exhibition mats in front of their stalls to help draw attendees to engage with their staff. Not only do they enhance the overall look of a stand, but they're easy to transport and reuse. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we see these exhibition mats get a real workout at the promotional product industry expo, APPA. If you see members of the promotional product industry embrace a product, then you know it's good!

Geelong Football Mat Custom Cut

Totally Customised Carpets

Finally, there are carpeted mats that we can make to order in any size or style you can imagine. From flooring for museum exhibitions through to the mats used on TV panel sets, our production team have worked on some seriously diverse branded flooring projects.

Enhancing Your Brand With Floor Mats

So there you have it, a brief look at custom floor mats and why they might just be a suitable addition to your Aussie event or business. If you're keen to talk floor mats, please don't hesitate to give our team of experts a buzz. We can have a chat about what you need and how exactly we can make that happen in a way that meets your budget and time frame. So give your facilities a stylish refresh with custom floor mats featuring your logo and messaging from Cubic Promote!