black umbrella on floor

Back in March, we talked about our most popular promotional umbrellas styles. Since then, the Eastern states, in particular, have seen a heck of a lot more waterfall from the sky, and the need for durable custom umbrellas has soared. So today on the Cubic Promote blog we're going to talk about what to look for when buying promotional umbrellas so you can make an informed choice when ordering brollies for your team.

umbrella with fibreglass frame

Opt for Fibreglass Frames

If you want umbrellas that will survive intense weather and won't break after one or two uses, then it's probably best to invest in umbrellas with fibreglass frames. Stainless steel used to be one of the top materials you could use when making a quality umbrella frame, but times have changed since then, and these days there are better options available. We recommend you keep your eye out for umbrellas made from fibreglass instead. Fibreglass is now the umbrella frame material of choice because it is lightweight and can bend without breaking, making it ideal for keeping your brollies intact during strong winds. Fibreglass doesn't rust either, which is a common complaint for older stainless steel-framed umbrellas. Carbon fibre and treated aluminium are also a good choices over stainless steel frames. Still, they are often pricier than fibreglass for a similar effect, so if you're keen on the best option at the right price, you can't beat umbrellas made from fibreglass.

full colour sublimated umbrella in the rain

Stand Out With Sublimation Print

Traditional branding on umbrellas is provided per colour/per panel print, which is why businesses will usually only add their basic logo on a couple of panels for exposure. However, if you're after something that will turn heads, why not spend a little extra and go with all-over sublimation printing? Cubic Promote will print your design across the entire umbrella, edge-to-edge, in vibrant photographic colour for maximum brand exposure. While the price is certainly higher than the bare screen print option, there is only one setup charge for the whole design, which helps cut down costs. Also, the BOM is predicting up to 12 months of above-average rain across Australia, so your branded umbrellas will likely see a lot of use over that time, increasing brand exposure for you overall.

customer holding umbrella in hand

Keep Usage in Mind

Which umbrella style you pick ultimately comes down to not only your budget and marketing ambitions but how you intend for your recipients to use them. Perhaps you run a mechanic franchise or car yard, if you want to give your customers nice gifts with their purchases, then large golf umbrellas might be a better choice than bag-sized folding umbrellas. If you're using an umbrella straight from the car likely, you need it to be a decent size, and if it's in the vehicle, it doesn't need to be compact for fitting in a backpack or similar; plus, this way, your branding can be large and in charge. Everyone wins! But maybe you're an accounting firm in the CBD wanting to ensure your employees have an umbrella on them at all times in case of rain. If your team is going to carry the umbrellas in their backpacks or handbags, then you'll want promotional folding umbrellas instead. Don't forget to consider who will be using the umbrellas and why when purchasing; it will ensure that your brollies get used as often as possible!

Still Unsure? Just Ask

The team at Cubic Promote has over 40 years of combined industry experience. So if you're struggling to pick suitable umbrellas for your order, don't hesitate to let us know. We can help recommend styles based on your needs, supply physical samples direct to your door, and compare pricing options. Give our friendly customer care team a call on 1300 858 288 today for more information.