Various colourful cards from Cubic Promote

When you think of promotional cards, what comes to mind? Gift tags attached to presents? Identification cards for businesses? Greeting cards for loved ones? Voucher cards for in-store discounts? Maybe it's a combination of all of these or something totally different that we haven't mentioned. But, no matter what type of product you think of when promotional cards are mentioned, you can bet that Cubic Promote stocks an option to match. So, today on the blog, we're going to be looking at some of our custom card options and why they make smart promotional product purchases for Aussie companies and events.

Promotional Cards from Cubic Promote

Custom Greeting Cards

Promotional greeting cards are the type of firm paper stock card you're used to seeing at the newsagent or when visiting the florist. Each card contains a message suitable for a particular occasion, such as births, engagements, deaths, or anniversaries. You write your own personal message on the card, ensuring it imparts a thoughtful message to your recipient. Cubic Promote produces these cards, to the same standard as the retail market, featuring your unique messages, graphics, and ideas. Perhaps you'd like the company to send a corporate card out for Christmas this year, or maybe you'd like to send out birthday cards the recipients can fill in to advertise your charity. These are just some of the uses people have for greeting cards customised with their logo design!

Plastic ID Cards

Identification cards are essential in offices and event venues across the country. ID cards are plastic and feature an individual's name, photographic, relevant employee numbers, and other identification essentials. Customised ID cards make life easier for anyone working in a security role, but they also function as everyday ID items for staff in any position. ID cards can come with digital functions, or they can be plain old plastic cards for standard visual identification, depending on the security levels and budget involved. Cubic Promote can supply both; each comes individually customised for your team members.

Plastic Gift Cards

Custom gift cards are a fantastic way to give recipients access to particular products or the ability to purchase products of up to a specific monetary value. A lot of Aussie businesses use gift cards be they the local nursery or big names like Myer or Cotton On. Gift cards work perfectly as gift ideas and customer or staff rewards. We will manufacture gift cards to meet almost any requirement and in low quantity batches, too, so they're ideal for small businesses and multinationals alike.

VIP or Membership Cards

Another great use for plastic cards is as VIP cards for recipients or as membership cards for clubs or societies. Perhaps your custom cards will entitle the bearer to enter a particular restaurant or club that has an exclusive membership, or maybe they're just to prove to anyone who sees them that they belong to a university or school club. There are countless reasons to create VIP or membership cards, and with Cubic Promote, you can order yours in unique styles featuring full-colour digital decoration, so your organisation enjoys fantastic brand exposure.

Custom Cards? Think Cubic Promote

If you can think of a type of card, Cubic Promote can produce a version of it to your specifications. That's why Cubic Promote's range of gift cards and greeting cards remain firm best-sellers with our local Australian clients. So if you'd like to introduce a loyalty program to your business to increase staff visibility at events or just wish your team well over the holidays, speak to the Cubic Promote team today for more information on our promotional cards!