One of the industries hardest hit by COVID-19 both here and in the United States has been the restaurant industry. Diner aficionado and celebrity chef Guy Fieri has emerged as one of the champions for restaurant workers at this difficult time, raising over 26 million Australian dollars to help unemployed staff in need. Fieri's charitable work has since received a boost from actor John Krasinski and the Pepsi brand in the form of promotional merchandise!

pepsi charity shirt custom printed

Good Vibes and Promotional Products

Good vibes and promotional products go hand in hand. What better way to give your customers a positive impression of your brand than with custom imprinted products that are useful, attractive and will even spread the word themselves? From pens and highlighters, coffee mugs and koozies, t-shirts and jackets - no matter what item you choose it is sure to put smiles on faces while reinforcing your message as well.


Everyone needs something functional in their day-to-day lives; why not make it something delightful too? Whether you opt for an eye-catching full color logo or stick to classic black & white keeping things simple never goes out of style either. With promotional items that boast good vibes often comes repeat business or client loyalty so when searching for marketing swag feel free to think outside the box! After all theres nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of fun mixed into practicality now is there.


Although John Krasinski is probably best known for his role on The Office, during lockdown he's found a new calling as the host of a positive news show he films at home, Some Good News. Krasinski reached out to Pepsi and asked them to donate to his pal Guy Fieri's fund-raising for restaurant workers, which they happily did, but he didn't have anything to give back to them. So his two young daughters drew the Pepsi logo themselves to say thanks to the corporation. What happened next, however, took everyone by surprise!

hand drawn pepsi logo kids

Turning Artwork into Custom Branded Items

Pepsi liked the watercolour artwork Krasinski's daughters illustrated so much they decided to put it onto real merchandise! Not only do the products in this range look amazing, but 100% of proceeds from their sale will also go to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund charity! The Krasinski family artwork can be found on two types of promotional t-shirts and on cotton canvas tote bags, all of which are available for a limited time only from Pepsi. We're not exaggerating when we say this gear looks AMAZING!

pepsi promotional cotton tote for charity pepsi logo printed tshirt for charity

Inspiration for Those Doing it Tough

Right now a lot of communities are being heavily impacted by not just Coronavirus, but by the worldwide economic downturn. If you are looking to raise money for a charitable cause one of the best ways to do it is to invest in promotional products, just like the Pepsi tees and bags above.


Items like bags and t-shirts are in high demand and are the kind of marketing merchandise that individuals will enjoy using on a daily basis, making them more likely to invest in your merchandise. If you'd like information on how to best utilise promo items for your charity, contact the Cubic Promote team for more information today. We can provide prices, product details, and free virtual mockups featuring your logo design.


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