I'm sure I'm not the only one starting to feel a bit chilly at night now that we're almost into June. One promotional product that never goes astray this time of year is custom branded socks as you can pop them on before bed or wear them around the house for that added level of warmth we crave this time of year. In fact, socks have become one of the favoured pieces of branded merch for musicians and movie stars the world over. If you've got a message you want people to see this winter, why not try promotional socks to get your design noticed!

promotional socks devo branded

Why Choose Branded Socks?

Branded socks allow you to get your unique message seen at a low price while still offering the recipient a wearable product they'll enjoy. Cheaper than custom t-shirts and caps, but quirkier and a little more subtle, socks have become a desirable piece of swag for events across countless industries.


Why Promotional Socks Work

People wear socks every single day here in Australia, whether they head to work or they go off for a day trip or holiday. If you're wearing covered shoes chances are, you're going to be wearing socks as well. Winter is a particularly good time of year to use socks in your promotions because the extremities (like the head and feet) are the first places to feel the cold when we start getting chilly. Capitalise on the season by using socks in your winter-themed promotion!

Custom Socks from Cubic Promote

If you want to get your brand noticed over the winter months, speak with the friendly team at Cubic Promote for information on our best pricing, our quick delivery times, and including your socks as part of a branded merchandise bundle.


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