A leading cause of injury and death on modern roads is tiredness, particularly for people who spend a lot of their time driving (such as truck and delivery drivers). After driving many days in a row with limited breaks for sleep, truck drivers may struggle to stay awake. Enter Ford's ingenious new device that, while only promotional caps at this stage, may just be a solution to combatting on-road weariness in the future.


  • Ford SafeCap uses motion sensor technology to detect drowsiness in drivers and alerts them with sound, light, and vibration.
  • Initially created for truck drivers in Brazil, the SafeCap has broad potential applications in various industries where worker fatigue poses safety risks.
  • Though currently a one-off promotional project, Ford SafeCap demonstrates Ford's commitment to road safety and innovation.

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What are Ford SafeCaps?

Ford SafeCap is a wearable technology developed by Ford in collaboration with GTB Brazil and the Sao Paulo-based product company, Keko. The SafeCap is designed to help long-haul truck drivers stay awake and alert during their journeys by using sensors to monitor head movements and detect signs of drowsiness. The cap is equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope that track the driver's head movements. When the sensors detect patterns consistent with drowsiness or fatigue, the SafeCap alerts the driver through a combination of sound, light, and vibration, encouraging them to take a break or rest.

Ford SafeCap was initially created to address the high rates of road accidents involving truck drivers in Brazil but has the potential for broader applications in various industries where worker fatigue can pose safety risks. The project demonstrates Ford's commitment to road safety and innovation in the automotive industry.

The Ford SafeCap is exactly what the name implies - a digitally enhanced trucker's hat that utilises the latest in motion sensor technology to know when your head is dropping into a drowsy or inattentive position. Without the SmartCap this scenario has been known to claim many lives -- all it takes is nodding off into a micro-sleep for a truck or car to veer off the road. Using the data the wearer generates, the SmartCap knows when to alert the driver using a smart alarm system.

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The alarm sounds ring, and the driver returns to their senses, possibly saving them from injury behind the wheel. Developed with the help of the creative agency GTB to promote 50 years of Ford manufacturing in Brazil, the SafeCap is only a one-off project at this stage but has the potential to develop into a full-scale project. The idea of using simple custom headwear (that still looks good, mind you) to save lives potentially is an amazing step forward for drivers doing it tough on the roads. Fingers crossed the team at Ford can use all their research and development to produce a product in bulk that people will be keen to wear.


Ford SafeCap is an innovative wearable technology that aims to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, particularly for long-haul truck drivers. Utilizing motion sensors and smart alarms, it has the potential to save lives and improve road safety.


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