February starts today which means we're only a few weeks away from the Australian PGA Championship (running from the 18th-21st of February in QLD). While most of us might not be able to get to the event itself, you'll be pleased to know that there is plenty of relevant golfing merchandise available to market your own golf event. Learn more about these specially tailored promotional products below.

custom golfing gifts

Promotional Gifts for Australian Golfers

Golf is a popular sport here in Australia and we've exported some fantastic golfing talent over the years. However, professional golfing isn't the only area we excel at -- Aussies love playing golf casually! This affection extends to corporate events and charity functions set on a golf course or in a golfing club. So if you're seeking a way to raise money or promote your brand, branded golf accessories may just be what you and your organisation needs.

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Best-Selling Custom Golf Products

Whether you're keen to simply promote your business with golf-themed merchandise, or perhaps you have a golfing event coming up that you require merchandise to help market, Cubic Promote has golfing gear to suit your needs. Some of our most popular options include;

  • Logo Emblazoned Golf Tee Holders: You can't tee off without tees and these natty logo branded holders help secure yours in a straightforward manner.
  • Promotional Golf Caps: Before you hit the golf course, consider giving your event participants these stylish golf caps with your event/company logo branded on the front!
  • Golf Balls With Custom Logos: Add your brand or your sponsors' to a variety of premium golf balls as a corporate gift or giveaway item. Bulk buy prices are fantastic value.
  • Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas: The perfect wet weather accessory for the golf course or for the city, these large brollies shield you and your equipment from the rain.
  • Corporate Branded Golf Duffles: Carry all your golfing essentials in style with this Titleist brand bag, the perfect reward for hard-working team members.
  • Golf Flags With Logo Decoration: Finally, these are perfect for golfing events as we will add your event details to them and they can be used on the course!

If none of these options suit you then speak directly with the Cubic Promote team and we can suggest additional items for your campaign. Golf is a great socially distanced sport that allows Aussie to get some exercise and have a blast at the same time. Promoting your business or community group using branded golf products simply makes sense.

Australian Golfers

There's something about Australian golfers that sets them apart from the rest. Its probably the sunny weather, perhaps the laid-back attitude, or just a love for the sport. But one thing's for sure: they are always striving for perfection. These golfers are like mad scientists, constantly tinkering with their swings, equipment, and mental game in the pursuit of that elusive perfect round. Therefore your promotional golf items need to be high in quality. Not only that but they also need to look good. Golfers practice for hours on end, analyzing every shot and making minute adjustments until they get it just right. It's both admirable and slightly insane, but that's just how these Aussie golfers roll. Keep that in mind when you select promotional golf gear for your next event.