Most categories of promotional products that we carry have a huge range from budget branded items to expensive premium products. Generally speaking the more expensive the item is for each category then the more superior in quality and design you would expect to see. With quality comes longevity. So if you opt for a more expensive printed mouse pad such as a welded one or a compendium which is made from full grain leather as opposed to a synthetic one the more premium option will give you increase in useful life for the merchandise.

So what does this mean when you are selecting a product for your company or product or service?

Well if you are marketing a company or event(it could be a brand new one or one that has a lot of heritage) then it would make sense to opt for a higher quality product at a lower quantity level as opposed to a lower quality promotional product at a higher volume level. Why? well if you expect the same brand name to be around years from today then it would also make sense to opt for a product that would also go the distance. Overtime it will by far give you a huge amount of marketing exposure compared to a lower priced product which may not last as long.

On the flip side though if you are marketing for a product or service which has a limited lifespan or shelf life (think technology products, fashion accessories, 1 off competitions, 1 off events and the like) it would make more sense to opt for products which are lower in cost which will allow you to purchase the item in greater numbers as opposed to a higher cost product in lower numbers. The promotional item may not last as long but it may be perfect to coincide with the product or service that you are marketing. This will ensure that you get maximum exposure for the amount of time that you do need the marketing grunt.

We basically recomend more quality products when marketing your brand whilst lower price point products for products and events which may be replaced quickly to really maximise your promtional dollar.