As individuals, we dress, style, act and respond a certain way, which all contributes to our individualism and identity.  Some of us go a step further and have a professional stylist to assist. The rest of us just buy what we like to.  Before birth our parents would have search high and low for the right name and meaning in hope that name will help define us from baby, child, teenager to adult.

Being a business is no different.  Each business needs a name, logo to identify itself from its competitors and standard out from the crowd. We came across an article showcasing Rezidenca, a real estate agency from Kosovo, whom had chosen Erdis Driza (Freelance graphic designer) and Mandeta Agency to create a corporate identity for them.  This resulted in visually stunning designed logo and colours that is both stylish and modern, a new website that is coming soon, site suitable for both pc and tablets and smart devices. A communication design package, and an extensive stationery range.

Corporate stationery designs  160114

Designer stationery 160114

Whilst not many companies may be to invest as extensively as Rezidenca, what has been produced is mighty impressive.  Their range included branding their logo onto merchandise or at minimal choosing products which matched their corporate colours:

Whilst not mentioned or shown, other products we think that they could have also branded would be corporate apparel, brief cases or matching leather compendiums and smart phone covers.  These promotional products would have been highly appropriate for their real estate industry.

Like what you saw and read?  And want to apply to your own business? All the above mentioned products can be customised at Cubic Promote, so that you too can create your own corporate identity.