Did you know, there exists a day to celebrate the Jelly Bean? When was the last time you had a jelly bean? If it has been a while, you owe it to yourself to grab a handful or two of these yummy snacks. A lot has changed when it comes to taste and flavour of jelly beans. (Although, my favourite is still the traditional lemon flavoured ones, which are either yellow or white).


  1. Jelly Beans boost brand recognition effectively.
  2. They attract attention with colourful diversity.
  3. Use Jelly Beans for versatile promotions.


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History of Jelly Beans

There are a few different stories on the origins of a jelly bean. Most seem to claim that an American, called William Schrafft, created the first one. They were made for soldiers. The jelly bean would have been more durable to the harsh conditions of war, compared to other types of food. The Jelly Bean then began, becoming popular in 1905.

The national day for Jelly Beans is a new American tradition. (how popular it is, I do not know), but I think this idea is fantastic for Aussies too. So how do you celebrate the day?


Eat a lot of them. Eat them with other personalised lollies, bake a cake with them on it, eat them with your friends, or have fun with them. Make a jelly bean painting perhaps?

Jelly Beans as Promotional Items

Much like why the Jelly Bean was invented in the first place, conferences and expo's work really well with promotional Jelly Beans. There are many advantages why you want to hand out jelly beans during conferences and exhibitions. This includes:

  • A high tolerance for temperate changes (some storerooms in event halls, can get very warm).
  • Lots of colour options. (mixed or custom colours to suit your branding).
  • They taste great.
  • Most if not all people will not have an allergy to Jelly Beans.

Jelly Beans have always been popular as a promotional item, and it's easy to see why. You can order them in custom shapes and colours which make them more eye-catching, especially for events or giveaways. They're also budget-friendly so they work well in bulk orders.

When you hand out sweet personalised gifts like jelly beans with your company logo printed on the packaging, your recipients will think about positive memories associated with your brand whenever they enjoy a treat! Not only are they cost-effective and non-perishable making them great for larger events but handing out goodies to guests is an excellent way to increase awareness about your business.

So now that you know there’s a national day celebrating jelly beans, aren't you itching to get some? Consider placing an order today and create excitement because everybody loves something sweet!

Unleashing Promotional Potential

Jelly beans, notorious for their multipurpose use, have proven to be successful promotional items. Here are some ways they elevate promotional strategies:

  • Brand Recognition: Personalising jelly beans packages with your company logo enhances brand recognition. Every handful serves as a reminder of your brand.
  • Attractiveness: The variety in colour and shape of jelly beans attracts people’s attention, making them excellent conversation starters at events or expos.
  • Versatility: Jelly beans can be utilised in a multitude of promotional activities like giveaways, contests, or as compliments to purchases.
  • Customer Appreciation: Handing out jelly beans to customers serves as an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gratitude gesture, improving customer relationships.


Moving forward, remember every bite of a jelly bean can be a burst of endearing nostalgia or a moment of exciting novelty. The vast promotional potential and an array of captivating flavours make jelly beans a true superstar amongst promotional confections. So, on the approaching National Jelly Bean Day, whether you're celebrating with just a few handfuls, a promotional event, or exploring exotic flavours, Cubic Promote Australia encourages you to relish in the sweet joy these delightful candies offer.