If you're one of those people who had some free time over the weekend, you'll have already indulged in the latest tale from the upside down with Strange Things season 2. If you haven't, then you won't have seen the sneakers we're talking about in action, but you'll want to after seeing them in detail! That's right, Reebok and BAIT have made Stranger Things sneakers featuring a Ghostbusters design -- talk about a lot of collaboration!

Stranger Things Collaborative Sneaker Branding Front

Promotional Shoes With Pen Decoration

Not unlike the geeky Nintendo Collaborative Branded Sneakers, we saw earlier this year; the Reebok/Ghostbusters/BAIT/Stranger Things shoes are a fan's dream. Not only are the shoes a highly sought after retro style (per the 1984 setting of Stranger Things S2) they feature branding that ties directly into the hit movie Ghostbusters as well as Stranger Things itself.

Stranger Things Collaborative Sneaker Branding Soles Stranger Things Collaborative Sneaker Branding Ain't Afraid

How does the branding link these two fan favourite franchises? In the second season of Stranger Things the four leads decide to go dressed as the Ghostbusters for Halloween. Dustin decides to give his costume a boost by drawing on his Reebok sneakers using nothing but a black pen and a red marker. The real life shoes produced to look like Dustin's feature his ghostly pen scribblings properly printed onto some absolutely retro cool shoes. Not only do the shoes look incredible, they are the kind of promotional item that ties perfectly into a media property because they've been used by a character.

Stranger Things Collaborative Sneaker Branding Back  Stranger Things Collaborative Sneaker Branding Side

From a design perspective, the scrawlings of a teenage movie fan might not pitch like the best decoration to feature on some sneakers, but there's no doubt that there's a certain appeal here for those who like Stranger Things. As with most awesome collaborative branded fashion, these sneakers are relatively limited edition so you should get in quick before they're gone!

Printed shoes first spotted here: https://hypebeast.com/2017/10/bait-stranger-things-ghostbusters-reebok-ex-o-fit-clean-hi