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Disposable protective face masks are one way to help protect individuals against the spread of airborne pathogens and particles. Buy a bulk supply of these quality masks from Cubic Promote and enjoy fast delivery to your Australian location. We offer 3-ply personal face masks, KN95/P2 equivalent protective masks, and individual masks in bulk quantities. Order with confidence from our friendly team and help protect yourself and your loved ones with disposable masks today.

Personal Protective Masks In Stock Now

The range of masks we have here at Cubic Promote provide a high range of personal protection from airborne particles and may be used by an individual to shield themselves from the spread of allergens and infections materials. Best of all, we stock masks locally in Australia so we can offer express delivery options to your location. We will dispatch from our Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne warehouses so you can have masks on-hand for yourself and your team with no delays. Our masks are intended for personal protective use only.

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What is a Face Mask?

A face mask is an individual face-covering intended to be worn over the nose and mouth. Face masks help shield the wearer from coming into contact with germs and other microparticles in the air. They also serve to help prevent nasties being breathed out by the wearer into the air. Face masks are available in disposable and reusable types and are recommended for personal use during the COVID-19 outbreak, flu season, or allergy season. Speak with the Cubic Promote team if you need help deciding which face mask is right for you.


How to Wear a Face Mask

Face Masks for Personal Health

These disposable face masks are personal healthcare products and are not intended as medical devices for use is a professional setting. Our masks are designed to sheild you from inhaling or expelling micro-particles onto others such as pathogens, germs, pollen, and dust. If you need quality personal masks in a hurry, speak with the Cubic Promote team today. We can deliver to any Australian location and our prices are competitive.

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