Brand Profile: CamelBak

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Competitively priced Camelbak promotional products are always in stock at Cubic Promote. CamelBak has become a household name thanks to its beneficial products driven by the most basic needs of humans. Their products from promotional drink bottles, coolers, hydration reservoirs, filtration kits, promotional mugs, and different accessories necessary for outdoor activities.

Camelbak Light Blue Travel Mug

Introducing CamelBak Promotional Products

CamelBak, a pioneer in the hydration industry, started in 1989 when founder Michael Eidson revolutionized hands-free hydration by crafting a makeshift hydration system during a bike race. Today, CamelBak Promotional Products are a sought-after choice for businesses looking to associate their brand with innovation and reliability. The company's extensive range of hydration solutions, including water bottles, backpacks, and reservoirs, showcases their commitment to quality and sustainability. By choosing CamelBak Promotional Products, companies can enhance their brand visibility while providing their customers with practical, durable, and environmentally-friendly hydration options.

CamelBak Product Collection

Cubic Promote proudly offers the CamelBak Product Collection, a range of high-performance hydration solutions for active individuals. CamelBak, a renowned supplier, is recognized for their innovative designs and exceptional quality. The collection includes versatile hydration packs, water bottles, and accessories, ensuring optimal hydration during various outdoor activities. Designed for user convenience, CamelBak products feature advanced technology, such as spill-proof and leak-proof designs. By partnering with CamelBak, Cubic Promote enables customers to enjoy reliable hydration solutions, while effectively promoting their brand through customizable products that showcase logos and messaging. Trust the CamelBak Product Collection for the perfect blend of functionality and promotional impact.

Best Features of CamelBak

What we love about CamelBak promotional merchandise is their dedication to promoting quality and sustainability. They have a mission to redefine outdoor hydration and carry out solutions that enable active living. Durability is a key component of each product they create. When you engage in outdoor activities, you need durable products that can withstand wear and tear. That is what you get from custom-branded CamelBak products! Other commendable features of CamelBack products are;

  • 100% BPA, BPS and BPF Free
  • EPA-registered with anti-microbial properties
  • High-Quality Bike Packs for Hiking and Running
  • Reusable Items

What Cubic Promote Can Do

With over 16 years of experience, Cubic Promote supplies Australians with high-quality, reasonably priced, promotional items. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we decided to collaborate with Camelbak, a company with extensive experience in outdoor promotional equipment.

While Camelbak is responsible for providing the items to us, our expert branding team uses the best branding techniques to ensure that your logo and unique designs are carefully imprinted on each product. Among the branding methods we use are pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, laser engraving, transfer printing, and embossing.

As an authorized Camelbak reseller, Cubic Promote guarantees that Camelbak's personalised outerwear will be available to you at the lowest price. If you are interested in promotional CamelBak items, please email us at or give us a call through these numbers 1300 858 288.

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