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Promotional Car Chargers

Buy car chargers custom printed with your design or logo. Promotional car phone chargers are a hands-free way to keep your smartphone charged while you're on the road. Ideal for anyone who travels or commutes to work, our range of car chargers comes in various shapes, sizes, and colours. We have compact-sized chargers, multiple port USB car chargers, chargers with LED indicators, chargers with covers, and wireless car chargers. Present your driving enthusiast employees or clients with a promotional car charger, personalised with your unique message from Cubic Promote, a gift they're sure to value.

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Who Do We Recommend This For?

Car chargers are an essential accessory for a variety of users, including:

  • Commuters who need a charging device on the move.
  • Sales staff and field workers for constant connectivity.
  • Road trippers for navigation and entertainment.
  • Parents for emergencies and children’s entertainment.
  • Tech enthusiasts who value staying connected.

Care Tips

We have outlined some useful care tips for your custom car chargers:

  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures to prevent damage.
  • Keep the charger and its ports clean and free from dust.
  • Unplug the charger when not in use to extend its lifespan.
  •  Use a protective case to prevent scratches and dents.
  • Handle the charger gently to avoid internal damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply car chargers with custom printing?

Yes, we sell promotional car charging devices with your custom print.

What is the minimum order required?

A minimum purchase of 50 custom branded chargers is required per order.

What is the output power of these chargers?

Output power varies, so select a charger that meets the charging requirements of your devices.

Can it charge multiple devices at once?

Yes, some models have multiple ports for charging several devices simultaneously.

How long does it take to receive my customised order?

Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. But if you want to expedite your order, feel free to speak to our sales agents.

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