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Buy everyday umbrellas personalised with your logo. We have a range of stylish umbrellas that are just the right size. These items are neither too small nor too big. Kids and students will find these umbrellas incredibly appealing as the size is just right. Typically umbrellas in this category will have either a steel shaft or a wooden shaft. Both these construction mechanisms will provide reliable fuss free day to day operation.

Your Logo Spot Printed onto Umbrella Panels

We can brand your logo on each panel of the umbrella using screen printing. With this branding process which is done individually onto each panel, you can print on 1, 2 or 4 panels using your Pantone colour. Most umbrellas will have 8 individual umbrellas; however, it is unusual to brand onto all 8 umbrellas without having the result look cluttered. Ask us if you would like more advice. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of Australian GST.

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Your Graphics Printed on Entire Umbrella

In some instances you may like to have an entire custom image personalised across the entire surface of an umbrella. The result is certainly extremely attractive. To achieve this result though it would only be possible with orders of 500 pieces or more. Effectively we would need to pre-print the fabric material before assembling them onto umbrellas. Pre-printing is easily done but only possible with larger order runs and a lead time of 4-10 weeks.

Digital Transfer Print Transfers

Spot colour printing onto umbrella panels is the most popular way to personalise umbrellas. If you would like a full-colour print on each panel, this is possible using a branding method called a Digital Transfer Print. Essentially your intended branding image is printed onto a plastic sheet which is then heat transferred and applied to the umbrella. It results in a beautiful finish but does cost a little extra.

Custom Made Indent Umbrellas

If you require a larger than usual amount of umbrellas for your event, consider using our indent service. We can have umbrellas custom made just for you with a turnaround time of 4-10 weeks. With our custom made umbrellas we can supply you umbrellas at a lower price point and provide you with additional options such as 1,) Umbrella Fabric Colour - Standard Colours are Blue, green, yellow, red, white and black. However, with Indent orders you can also choose from pink, purple, orange, brown and essentially any colour in the Pantone suite of colours.  addAdditionthe branding options will also allow you to brand onto the stem of an umbrella as well as on the handle bar. Another popular option is printing in the under lining of an umbrella. Some truly amazing possibilities can be made using our indent service.

Umbrella Safety for Children

If you may be considering using these umbrellas as gifts for children, consider using umbrellas with a manual opening mechanism. Automatic umbrellas are extremely convenient, however they do have a bit of resistance when they are opened which may cause injury to young children.

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