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Buy chef's hats custom printed with your graphic or logo in Australia. Proper headwear is essential for hygiene in restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, and anywhere food is prepared for consumption. Cubic Promote stocks a wide assortment of retail quality chef's hats and cook's headwear, all of which feature your business branding to suit your staff uniforms. Whether you operate a local pub or a Michelin-star restaurant, equipping your staff with appropriate, stylish, and logo-branded hats & caps is essential. Cubic Promote's online prices are listed in AUD and exclude GST.

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We Digitally Full-Colour Print Chef's Headwear

The Cubic Promote decoration team uses the latest in digital print technology to add your business logo or company details using a transfer technique. Our high-quality transfers are perfect for detailed designs featuring many vibrant colours. We can also embroider attire for your chefs and kitchen staff upon request. Speak to our team about decorating your kitchen headwear today and bring your uniform to the next level with Cubic Promote.

Fast Shipping Australia Wide

We stock hats, caps, and wraps for restaurant staff in Australia, ensuring a speedy decoration and delivery time frame. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, including delivery. However, if you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we'll work towards your deadline. Cubic Promote delivers anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

What is a Chef's Hat?

A chef's hat is a type of brimless headwear worn to keep hair off the face that pairs with a traditional white jacket and checked pants to form a classic chef's uniform. However, this "toque Blanche" isn't the only type of hat worn in the kitchen, and these days, you will see apprentices, line cooks, and other restaurant staff wearing various brimless hats and wraps to keep hair out of their faces. Cubic Promote stocks traditional chef's hats alongside fashionable skull caps and wraps to suit people of all backgrounds and kitchen roles. We add your restaurant, cafe, or school design directly to each hat to enhance the look of your staff uniforms.

Different Types of Chef Hats

Toque Hats: These are the traditional white "high top" hats you see chefs wear on TV or in upscale restaurants and are usually worn by the executive chef working that day.

Chef Berets: A smaller option than toque hats, these berets are perfect for kitchens wanting a modern look that blends the formal and informal.

Skull Caps: Compact and lightweight, these are less formal than toque hats but they do the same job of holding the hair back in a stylish manner. You'll often see line cooks and pastry chefs wearing these caps.

Head Wraps: An even more casual form of headwear, these wraps are a popular option because they wick moisture making them ideal for the Australian weather, particularly for those working in fast food restaurants or food trucks.

FAQ on Restaurant Headwear

Do you supply restaurant headwear with custom printing?

Yes, we sell chef's hats and other restaurant headwear with personalised branding.

What is the smallest number of custom chef's hats I can order?

The minimum quantity of hospitality clothing items we can supply is 5 units with your custom branding.

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