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Promotional Compasses

Buy compasses custom printed with your graphics or logo. These products are not only practical navigational tools but also symbolic gifts that guide recipients towards your brand. Ideal for outdoor, travel, and adventure-related businesses, they resonate well with clients who value exploration and reliability. Cubic Promote is the leading supplier of custom-branded promotional products making them perfect for enhancing brand identity and customer loyalty.

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Ideal Case Uses

Promotional compasses serve as both functional tools and effective marketing items, aligning with various strategic needs:

  • Outdoor and Adventure Promotions: Perfect for companies in the outdoor, camping, or adventure industry to offer as part of customer loyalty programs or product bundles.
  • Corporate Retreats and Team Building: Useful for activities and events focused on navigation, orienteering, or survival skills.
  • Educational Tools: Great for schools and educational programs, especially in geography, earth sciences, and outdoor education.
  • Travel and Tourism: Ideal for travel agencies, tour operators, and visitor centers to give to clients as a practical souvenir.
  • Branding and Marketing Campaigns: Custom-branded compasses can be used in marketing campaigns to symbolize guidance, reliability, and exploration, reinforcing brand values.


Can they be customised with our company logo?

Absolutely, we can customise the compasses with your company logo, branding colours, and any specific message you wish to convey.

Are they accurate?

They are designed for promotional purposes but are manufactured to be functional and reliable for basic navigation needs.

What materials are these compasses made from?

The materials vary depending on the model and can include plastic, metal, and sustainable options like bamboo or recycled materials.

Are they suitable for all age groups?

While our compasses are safe and user-friendly, we recommend them for older children and adults, especially if used for actual navigation purposes.

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