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Promotional USB Hubs

Buy computer hubs printed with your graphics or logo. USB hubs are a great promotional item aimed at people with multiple devices that need connecting to one central hub. We have a wide variety of computer hubs that are handy and durable, you'll never run out of USB slots again! Our custom branded computer hubs are ideal for busy corporate staff and travelers alike. So whether you work for a company like Microsoft, or need to keep your gaming setup organised, these computer hubs make a smart choice.

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We Pad Print & Laser Engrave Computer Hubs

The Cubic Promote team will use quality pad printing to add your logo in up to 3 colours on the computer hubs. If you would prefer a more subtle option for computer hubs with a metal casing, we recommend laser engraving as that will ensure your design is permanently etched into the USB hubs for maximum brand exposure. Either way the result will be refined and exquisitely presented with your logo right on the top of the devices.

What is a USB Hub?

A USB hub is a device used to increase the number of functional USBs port on computers. Most laptops are manufactured with limited ports to keep them compact and more portable, but this means it can be difficult to have all your accessories plugged in when you need them.

Our computer hubs work like an extension cord where the number of USB outlets is multiplied so you can have your headphones, USB fan, USB light, and external hard drives plugged in even if you only have 1 or 2 USB ports on the PC itself! USB hubs are must-have items for promotion at tech trade shows and promotions given that most modern tech accessories are powered by USB.

How to Clean Branded Computer Hubs

Start cleaning the hubs by taking out big chunks of dirt visible. Next is, blow it with compressed air, giving more pressure to pluck out those stuck dust. Make sure that the nozzle of the spray is at an angle and not pointed directly to the port. The angle will help avoid the liquid on the can from leaking into the machine, and the pressure will not push the dirt inside more.

Then use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the contacts by gently rubbing it. Use 70 percent or higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Lower concentration will take longer to dry up.

Next, use a lint-free cloth to speed up the process by absorbing some moisture. Make sure not to use another cotton swab as it might leave cotton debris. Finally, please wait for it to completely dry before using.

FAQ on Computer Hubs

Do you supply USB hubs with logo printing?

Yes, we can have your logo/design printed directly onto the hubs.

What is the smallest number of USB hubs I can order?

The minimum quantity of USB hubs we can supply is 100.

Are your standard computer hubs USB 2.0 or 3.0?

Our hubs are USB 2.0 per standard unless you request an upgrade to USB 3.0 at a slight additional charge. USB 3.0 is much faster but it is worth considering if your computer will be compatible with 3.0 devices, as they won't work with a lot of older PCs. If you're unsure please chat with our customer care team for further information.

Can I get USB hubs made in unique shapes?

Yes, let us know and we can custom mould a USB hub in 2D or 3D style to meet your specifications. The cost and turnaround time for these custom hubs will vary depending on how complex the design is, so speak with our team to get specifics.

How many additional USB ports are included in USB hubs?

Most of the hubs come with four additional ports. Others have more and come with other features, like a phone holder, digital clock, fan, etc.

If these USB ports may not be suitable for your gifting, then consider promotional tape measures instead.

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