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Promotional Condoms & Lubricants

Buy condoms and lubricants printed with your graphic or logo. Personal intimacy and family items are fantastic giveaway items for organisations and events that want to encourage informed decision-making and safe choices. These products also make popular gifts for attendees of hen's nights, buck's nights, and adult stores. We carry a wide assortment of discreet and reliable condoms and personal lubricants that meet Australian standards. Our custom-branded family planning products are ideal for fostering safe choices on university campuses, at health expos, or during Mardi Gras. Cubic Promote's online prices are listed in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

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We Digitally Print Labels in Full Colour

Using the latest digital printing technique, we expertly print custom branded packaging that wraps around the pre-packaged condoms and interior black and white printing (which includes usage instructions). For the lubricants, they have bottles with a label wrapped around them.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our Intimate products are stocked here in Australia, ready to be customised with your logo. We have a standard 2-week turnaround time, including delivery. However, if you wish to have the products sooner, please let us know so we can arrange them for you.

What is a Condom?

Condoms are very thin latex sheath used as a barrier during sexual intercourse to minimise the probability of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Condoms are popular giveaway items for health clinics, university support centres, LGBTQIA+ facilities and events having to do with wellbeing and intimacy.

What is a Personal Lubricant?

Personal lubricants are either gel or liquid, which people use to prevent discomfort and dryness during sexual activity. Lubricants are a popular giveaway items for raising awareness regarding sexual health and relationships at events and conferences.

Popular Branded Gift Ideas

Intimate products are ideal for gift packs or promotional marketing items for occasions such as bridal showers, bachelor parties, and even for loved ones, friends or colleagues who plan to experience intimacy safely and enjoyably.

How to Store Intimacy Items

Store condoms in a dry and cool area away from sunlight exposure. Avoid keeping them (especially in a pocket or wallet) for an extended period of time as too much heat and moisture can damage the product. For lubricants, make sure they are sealed and stored in a cool and dry location at 20°C. Always use condoms and lubricants by their expiry date.

FAQ on Family Planning and Intimate Products

Do you supply Condoms & Lubricants in bulk with custom printing?

Yes. We supply intimate products in bulk and with customised decoration.

What is the minimum order quantity I can order?

The minimum quantity of intimate products that you can order is 50 units.

Do you have sustainable options?

Yes, our Lubricants are water-based, made of vegan-friendly ingredients, and come in a recyclable PET bottle. All condoms well sell are from the Four Seasons range, with rubber from sustainable sources used in their manufacture.

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