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Promotional Biscuits, Snacks & Toffees Personalised With Your Custom Branding

Baked confections and traditional toffees make wonderful tradeshow giveaway items and snacks for hungry event visitors. Cubic Promote's extensive range of individually wrapped cookies, muesli bars, oat snacks, nuts, dried fruit, shortbreads, and even popcorn bags are popular alternatives to chocolate and lolly confections. We print the packaging of these units with your logo so that your recipients enjoy exposure to your brand while they eat their scrumptious treats. Let Cubic Promote supply unique snacks for your next event and you won't be disappointed. Prices listed below exclude GST. For further ideas please check out our  Buying Guide for Branded Cookies and also our Buying Guide for Event Toffees.

Fast Promotional Food Deliveries

Cubic Promote is Australian owned and operated, so our promotional cookies & nibbles are local creations. Not only that, we brand the packaging of these tasty products in bulk in our Melbourne factory which means we can offer a standard production timeframe of two weeks or less on your bulk order. If you have an urgent event please let us know and we'll work towards an express option for you. We deliver to anywhere in NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, ACT, NT, WA, and SA.

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Gluten Free Snacks and Other Personalised Healthy Treats

Toffees are traditional sugary treats. However, we also offer a range of healthy snack alternatives including dried fruit, nuts, and popcorn. Gluten-free options like fruit and nut bars are available for events where you need to cater for Coeliac or health conscious attendees. We will brand the individual packaging of these goodies too, so feel free to enquire with our sales team today about the best option for your healthy Australian event.

What are Promotional Toffees and Cookies?

Promotional toffees are a sticky confection made from caramelized sugar and butter, which gives it a rich, sweet taste. Cookies are flour-based biscuits baked to be crisp and sweet. Both styles of product sold by Cubic Promote are made locally to order and come in logo decorated packaging to help advertise your event or brand.

How Long Do Logo Decorated Sweets Keep?

Our cookies will keep for one full year when stored away from sunlight, humidity and at room temperature. The perfect storage place would be inside any typical office or storeroom environment. Toffees also will keep for one full year. Once again they need to be stored in a similar manner to cookies. More care is required when keeping toffees as they do have a higher melting temperature than cookies which will lead to them sticking to the wrapper.

Promotional popcorn products can store for one year, however, for best taste, we recommend consumption within six months to retain their crunchiness. Any longer than six months and they become chewier - this may not appeal to a lot of people. Fruit and nut mixed bags can keep easily for one year.

Keep Promotional Snacks on Hand for Visitors

As these products store well, we think it is a good idea to a box of these kept in your office, just in case you have unexpected guests or clients that show up where you would like to give them a small treat and impress a little too. Last minute sponsorship events may also pop up throughout the year, and to have these little marketing bags of treats will be a good idea so that they are always ready when you need them.

Why Buy Printed Snacks With Custom Packaging?

The most popular way most people utilise promotional snacks are with the most basic cellophane bags (we call them cello bags). These clear disposable bags look great and are ideal for single use. Where possible though (budget wise and logistic wise) we would recommend you to purchase these snacks with more elaborate packaging such as tin cans and plastic containers. With your branding on these containers, you can be sure that the recipient will reuse the containers and have your logo seen at all times. These little boxes are perfect to hold small items on your desk or even around in the kitchen. Students and children will find them an excellent way to help them hold onto other things which make them perfect for giving you additional long-term branding exposure.

Cubic Promote 1300 858 288 Cubic Promote supplies products, custom printed with your logo or graphics, Australia wide direct to your door. This website features over 9,000 different styles of items, across over 100 categories. We are confident that you will find the perfect corporate gift or promotional product for your event or occasion.