Promotional Products for Concerts in Australia

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We love concerts here at Cubic Promote.  If you have ever been to a concert no matter your favourite genre of music, you'll know that there are three consistent things about concerts regardless of when and where you attend them in Australia

  1. The acts are always fashionably late.
  2. The food and drink is always expensive.
  3. There will be a merchandise stall and you will want to buy something to remember the event.

Doing custom merchandise for concerts is just one of our specialties, which is why we've put together this handy section about how to successfully use branded merchandise for local concerts to capitalise on that much-loved merch stall at the back of the hall!

Promotional Hoodies in Black, Blue and Red

The Role of Personalised Merchandise at Australian Concerts

In the highly competitive world of music, it's crucial for artists and bands to offer unforgettable concert experiences. Custom merchandise has emerged as a key ingredient for creating lasting memories at Australian concerts. These bespoke items not only add to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment but also establish a tangible link between performers and their fans.

One primary advantage of custom merchandise is the sense of exclusivity and community it fosters among attendees. Limited edition clothing, accessories, or collectables entice fans to join live events, where they can acquire distinctive mementos. These items, featuring the artists' logos or imagery, symbolise fans' dedication and allegiance.

Custom merchandise sales can also be a significant income source for artists. As digital music revenues remain uncertain, merchandise sales offer a crucial financial safety net for many musicians. Australian concerts, with their passionate audiences and high demand for memorabilia, can generate considerable revenue from merchandise alone.

Additionally, custom merchandise acts as an effective marketing tool. Fans proudly wearing or displaying their purchases become walking advertisements, endorsing the artist's brand and broadening their visibility. Who can forget the tour shirts from when Harry Styles visited us Down Under? This authentic, word-of-mouth type of promotion can lead to increased exposure and attract new supporters.

Custom merchandise is indispensable in elevating concert experiences in Australia, providing financial backing for artists, and boosting their brand among a wider audience.

Promotional Concert Swag Ideas

For the concert goer these products are mementos and depending on the act for that night it just may well be a product that you hold onto for a long long time to remember the day by.  For the organisers of the concert the merchandise does a few things like:

  1. Adding to the ambience of the event.  Just injecting a bit more colour and variety to what would be a short (or long) wait for fans before the show starts.
  2. Revenue earner on the actual performance night.  Either for the performer or for the organiser.
  3. Revenue earner on the performers actual website.

Over the years there are a few staple products that are always popular with fans.  For younger concert goers this may include:

  • Branded tee shirts
  • Branded Caps
  • Printed hoodies
  • Branded Beanies
  • Printed Stubby coolers

Some cooler alternatives that have been used as tour merchandise include:

  • Funky drink bottles
  • Beachballs
  • Frisbees and throwballs
  • Light up keyrings
  • Poster prints

For older concert guests products we would recomend include:

  • Printed glassware mementos
  • Promotional mugs
  • Metal Keyrings
  • Luxury Pens

These are just some recomendations we have if you were holding a concert.  If you would like some more ideas or would like to chat about how we can help supply products to your concert event just call us and we would be glad to help out.

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