Embroidered Patches

Promotional Embroidered Patches

Buy woven patches customised with your logo or graphic in Australia. The perfect accessory to make your brand or design stand out. Our woven patches offer exceptional detail and quality, crafted using a loom and fine threads that are intricately woven together to bring your design to life. We are happy to supply the patches in bulk quantities to you, or if you prefer, we can provide garments with the patches pre-attached. Either way, we will have you covered.

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Ideal Case Usage

Embroidered patches offer a unique way to personalize and enhance various items, making them ideal for numerous applications:

  • Uniform Customisation: Essential for military, police, fire services, and other uniformed personnel to display ranks, insignia, or unit identification.
  • Corporate Branding: Businesses can use embroidered patches on staff uniforms or promotional apparel to enhance brand visibility and create a unified look.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can employ patches for sports teams, clubs, and societies to foster a sense of belonging and pride among students.
  • Event Souvenirs: Event organizers can create custom patches as keepsakes for concerts, festivals, and sports events, providing attendees with a memorable token.
  • Retail Fashion: Fashion brands can incorporate trendy embroidered patches into their garments and accessories to appeal to niche markets and add distinctiveness to their offerings.

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Where Can You Use Embroidered Patches?

Our patches can be used on items, such as:

  • Tee Shirts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Caps
  • Jackets
  • Shorts
  • Bags made from cotton or poly cotton mixes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach a patch?

Each patch is cut to your desired shape and size, with backing options available for easy application, such as iron-on or velcro.

What patch shapes are available?

Any geometric and simple non-geometric shape is possible through our custom patch making service.

Are there any size restrictions?

We cannot create patches larger than an A4 size. We generally do not recommend creating patches bigger than 10cm wide and 10cm long due to cost considerations.

Can embroidered patches be removed and reused?

Sewn-on patches can be removed with careful seam cutting. Iron-on patches may leave residue on the fabric and might not be reusable. Velcro patches are designed for easy removal and reuse.

How do you attach embroidered patches?

Patches can be sewn on, ironed on (using a heat-activated adhesive), or attached with a Velcro backing, depending on the patch type and fabric suitability.

Feel free to contact us for additional information on our range of promotional embroidered patches. 

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