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Buy Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

When you want reliable, high-quality eco-friendly promotional products, you need to contact the team at Cubic Promote. We have a diverse range of marketing merchandise based from recycled, eco-friendly, and natural materials, as well as products which can be easily recycled after use. Order your logo decorated items in bulk from Australia's most trusted supplier of eco-friendly corporate goods, Cubic Promote.

Earth Friendly Products With Your Logo Branding

Our products are all delivered to you with your custom branding. Where possible, we recommend branding your colour in a single black colour due to the natural earth tones of this range of products. We brand your graphics and logos sharply so that your product will always look amazing. Show your organisations green credentials to your customer or colleagues with this range of unique products. The best part about these items is that they look so individually stylised compared to regular products.

Custom Branded Eco-Friendly Bags

Promotional bags made from eco-friendly materials.

Eco Straws Reusable

Reusable drinking straws with custom branding.

Eco Cutlery

Implements for eating and drinking on the move.

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What Makes Products Eco-Friendly?

We classify a product as being eco-earth-friendly when they meet one of four strict criteria standards. These criteria include:

  •  Made from recycled materials.

  • The product itself can be recycled, or it biodegrades safely in a landfill environment.

  • Made with a low carbon footprint.

  • Product provides an eco-themed message

In addition to exhibiting any of the four criteria, an eco-product is typically made using a production process that uses less intensive resources. In other words, the products aim to have lower environmental costs during production. In situations where a product simply cannot be made any more efficient for the environment, those products will have Carbon Offsets compensated at the point of manufacture.

We strive hard to ensure that all our eco-friendly products comply with standards and where possible factory audits are conducted to ensure compliance.

Why do Environmentally Friendly Items Look Different?

You will notice immediately that eco-friendly products look different to their equivalent products that are not eco-friendly. In many instances, the products will have a faded washed out look. They may have an earthy look, rather than a bright, clear look. These colour tones have many causes, but often this results from a combination of the following factors:

  • Brand new products typically use strong cleaning agents and chemicals to clean. For example, bleach is used to whiten paper. Product Dye Colours are used to colour in plastics. Eco-friendly options do not use these chemicals as these substances do cause harm to the environment

  • Environmentally friendly products typically are sourced from recycled material. When products go through the recycling process, they are broken down into a raw material and then remade into new products. When products go through this process, they may revert to a greyish brownish colour or sometimes a pale green colour along with visible colour elements that look like dust particles.

Buy Bulk Merchandise to Support the Environment

In Australia, the demand for recycled products is not particularly high which means eco-friendly products tend to be more expensive than their non-eco-friendly option (owing to production costs). For example, your eco-friendly Frisbee will be more expensive than a regular Frisbee - likewise with shirts, notepads, rulers, pens and other products. Regular products have enjoyed economies of scale (a continuous, large bulk demand for them) meaning we can produce them at a lower cost. We encourage customers to buy green so that over time prices can drop so that they will be as popular. Buying Guide for Environmental Custom Printed Products.

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