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Environmental Promotional Items

Explore our collection of eco-friendly promotional products that are designed to promote sustainability, allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Our range showcases an array of items that align with our dedication to supplying sustainable promotional products.

Our environmentally friendly products are crafted from sustainable materials, ensuring their origin contributes positively to our planet as they are made from materials that possess the potential for recycling, embracing the cycle of reuse and reducing waste. We proudly present eco friendly merchandise that is skillfully composed of already recycled materials, with a circular approach to production.

We also feature items that biodegrade within landfills, diminishing their environmental impact and aligning with nature's processes. These eco-friendly products are meticulously designed to leave a minimal carbon footprint, or in some cases, none at all, hence minimising their contribution to carbon emissions and climate change.

Among our assortment, you'll discover a curated selection of premium products, including bags, seed sticks, straws, cutlery, and stationery, all crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. Our sustainable merchandise stands as a testament to your brand's values and offers a compelling way to endorse eco-consciousness.

Be inspired to showcase your adoration for the environment by exploring our online platform, where you can browse our diverse collection of branded eco-friendly products, each tailored to elevate your brand while promoting a greener tomorrow.

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Visual Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Mockup

Elevating your experience, we provide customised, branded samples of our Australian eco-friendly products in a virtual format. This advanced feature allows you to meticulously examine the placement and finer details of the eco-friendly items before placing your order. The convenience of these virtual mockups ensures that you're fully satisfied with the design and arrangement prior to finalising your purchase. Best of all, this service is offered to you completely free of charge. All we require is your logo, which you can seamlessly send our way.

Physical Samples of our Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products  

By requesting these unbranded samples, you can witness the product's tangible quality firsthand and examine its features in person. Our customer care team is readily available to assist you in acquiring these samples, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of the product's excellence before making a decision.

Pre Production Samples of Branded Eco-Friendly Products Australia

These samples entail the integration of your logo, meticulously custom-printed onto the chosen item. While a nominal fee of $90 per sample is applicable, the investment is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional quality. Our customer care team stands prepared to guide you through the seamless arrangement of these samples, guaranteeing a streamlined experience.

Artwork for Branding

To bring your branding visions to life, we require your logo in an Adobe Illustrator format, either as an EPS or AI file type, replete with editable vector outlines. Our commitment to precision extends to accepting Adobe PDFs equipped with vector lines. Unfortunately, PDFs derived from converted JPG files are not compatible. Should your logo be saved in JPG, GIF, PNG, or other formats, our adept graphic designers are at your service to expertly recreate your logo for a nominal fee of $25. This comprehensive approach showcases our dedication to achieving your branding aspirations seamlessly and flawlessly.

Cubic Promote Offers Warehousing, Graphic Design, Quick Payment & a Sydney Showroom

Ensuring Quality in Products and Printing

Our commitment to excellence is encompassed in our Product & Print Quality Guarantee. Should you receive a product with any form of faultiness or a print that falls short of our standards, rest assured that we will promptly replace it. Your satisfaction remains at the core of our mission, and we stand by our promise to deliver only the best.

Understanding the Aesthetic Variance in Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products

The distinctive appearance of environmentally friendly products sets them apart from their conventional correspondents. Upon observation, you'll quickly discover that these eco-friendly alternatives have a unique visual look, diverging from the vibrant and pristine aesthetics of their non-eco equivalents. Many factors contribute to these differences in both colour tones and overall appearance.

The contrast arises in part from the nature of new products, which often undergo treatment with potent cleaning agents and chemicals. For instance, paper is often bleached to achieve a white hue, while plastics are imbued with vibrant hues using product dye colours. In contrast, eco-friendly alternatives exclude the use of these harmful chemicals, in alignment with their environmentally conscious principles.

The Path to Earth-Friendly Transformation

A key hallmark of environmentally friendly products lies in their sourcing from recycled materials. This eco-conscious approach involves breaking down used products into their elemental components, which are then repurposed to craft new items. This transformative process can give rise to distinctive colour shifts. You may observe shades evolving towards grey, brown, or even pale green, sometimes accompanied by subtle colour elements reminiscent of small particles.

Bulk Purchasing for Environmental Advocacy

In addition to our diverse range that includes regular frisbees, notepads, and rulers, we advocate for a sustainable approach by promoting the acquisition of their green eco-equivalent alternatives. This choice stands as a testament to your commitment to preserving our environment. To guide you through this journey, we offer a comprehensive Buying Guide for Environmental Custom Printed Products, enabling you to make informed choices that align with your values and aspirations.

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