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Promotional Products for End of Financial Year

Buy cheap end-of-financial year corporate gifts printed with your company graphic or logo. Promotional items bought at this time of year can be used to distribute to customers, employees, and clients over the course of the next year. Select from our wide array of relevant, useful custom printed end of the financial year products that are perfect for tax time.

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What is an EOFY product?

An End of Financial Year (EOFY) product is a product on sale during the end of the financial year, so businesses can purchase relevant items at a low price during this season, before taxes. For many businesses, this means a final push for sales before the year ends. From pens to conference items to occasional rain umbrellas, giving away custom branded gift items is an excellent way to remind your customers of your business.

Ideal Use Cases

End of the financial year promotional products are strategic tools for businesses aiming to boost brand visibility and celebrate yearly achievements. Ideal use cases include:

  • Employee Rewards: Acknowledge and reward staff for their hard work throughout the year with customised gifts.
  • Client Appreciation: Strengthen relationships with clients by offering personalised products that reflect their value to your business.
  • Inventory Clearance: Use promotional items to clear out old stock, making way for new products in the upcoming financial year.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Launch EOFY sales and marketing campaigns to increase revenue and promote your brand.


What types of promotional products are popular for the end of the financial year?

Popular items include office supplies, technology gadgets, apparel, calendars, planners, and customised gifts that reflect the company’s brand and value.

When should I start planning to buy these products?

Start planning at least 3-4 months in advance to ensure you have enough time for product selection, customisation, and delivery.

What should I consider when choosing EOFY promotional products?

Consider items that are useful, relevant to your audience, and reflective of your brand values to make a lasting impression.

Are there any budget-friendly options?

Yes, there are many cost-effective options available that can be customised to fit your budget while still effectively promoting your brand.

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