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Promotional Snapback Caps

Buy snapback flat peak caps custom printed with your graphic or logo. Snapback flat peak caps make amazing promotional gifts for fashionistas because apart from effectively keeping the sun off their eyes, these caps will also allow them to make a bold fashion statement. We carry a wide range of snapback flat peak caps that come with an adjustable plastic snapback and padded cotton headband. Our custom snapback flat peaks caps are an excellent way to get your business noticed at outdoor events and company gatherings. So whether you want to rock a Nike style cap as part of your casual attire or are keen to upgrade your staff uniforms, these snapback caps make the perfect addition to your collection.

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We Screen Print, Embroider & Digitally Full Colour Print

The Cubic Promote team uses the latest printing technology to custom print your logo or graphic onto the custom snapback flat peak caps. We can screen print up to 3 colours, or digital print if with full-colour logo or design. For classic and durable branding, we expertly embroider your logo or graphic onto the caps' flat peak, creating a beautiful, stylish pattern. Whichever style you choose, you will walk away with professionally finished snapback flat peak caps featuring your logo or design.

Fast Delivery in Australia

We stock a wide selection of custom snapback flat peak caps locally to ensure fast delivery to any location within Australia. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, but if you need your snapbacks faster, please tell us, and we will endeavour to work on your request for an urgent deadline.

What are Snapback Flat Peak Caps?

Snapback flat peak caps are hats with flat peak, multi-panel construction and an overall structured design. Snapbacks derive their name from the snap closure to the back of the hat used to adjust the cap to fit the head. Snapback flat peak caps are stylish and valuable marketing merchandise for outdoor events or shows. They are also the perfect partner for casual uniforms, making them an ideal gift for employees or customer giveaways.

Flat Peak Caps as Fashionable Gifts

Snapback caps are popular as part of casual streetwear and have become uniform for baseball hitters, hip-hop heroes, hipsters and countless others, so if you're looking at giving a wearable gift, snapback flat peak caps are a good choice for the youth market.

How to Care for Branded Snapbacks

Whether you wear a branded snapback cap for work or play, here are some proper care tips you can apply to your caps:

  1. Handle your caps with clean hands: Pick your hat up with clean hands from the front or back of the brim to preserve the shape of the crown and resist stains and discolouration.
  2. Store appropriately: Store clean and dry caps with the heaviest cap in the bottom first if keeping multiple caps in a single storage box, to help maintain its shape. For more excellent protection, place a foam spacer between each cap.
  3. Clean your dusty caps: Gently use a dry soft-bristled or makeup brush to remove your caps' dust.
  4. Avoid sweat stains: A paper towel can be used within the hat's sweatband to prevent sweat stains. Grease and oil stains are difficult to clean and may require washing.
  5. Wash occasionally or when necessary: Like any clothing item, your cap can get dirty and accumulate enough sweat to require the occasional cleaning. Do not wash your caps in the washing machine or dryer to keep its shape from being distorted and its colors to fade. Gently hand wash your cap using cool water with mild, liquid detergent. If you have challenging areas, gently clean the spots using an old toothbrush after soaking. Be careful around stitched patterns and logos. Carefully rinse all the soapy water off and pat down your hat with a clean, dry towel to remove excess water.

FAQ on Snapback Flat Peak Caps

Do you supply flat peak caps with logo printing?

Yes, we supply flat peak caps with your custom branding.

What is the smallest number of snapback caps I can order?

The minimum quantity of snapback caps we can supply is 25 units.

Do flat peak caps have different sizes?

No, they're adjustable so one size fits most and the strap can be adjusted to suit. They're also unisex so you can use these caps for almost any marketing campaign or event!

Why do snapbacks have stickers on them?

Snapbacks traditionally come with stickers from the manufacturer that feature a logo, sizing, and other important details. You can find these stickers on the top of the peak or sometimes underneath, but they are consistent with most big brands. While some people like to keep the stickers on for authenticity, others remove them when they take their caps home.

Check out these additional information about Snapback Cap

Here at Cubic Promote some of our snapback caps come standard with stickers on them, while we can add custom stickers to others upon request. Speak to our friendly team for more information on this option.

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