Snapback Flat Peak Caps

Promotional Snapback Caps 

Buy promotional snapback flat peak caps custom printed with your company’s logo or graphics. These stylish caps are perfect for a modern look. Personalise them to keep your brand in focus.

Cubic Promote, with 18 years of experience, serves over 4,500 Australian businesses each year. Our dedication to providing top-quality promotional products is well-known. As one of the few carbon-neutral certified companies in Australia, we are committed to sustainability. Choosing our branded snapback flat peak caps means supporting a company that values both quality and environmental responsibility.

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Who Can Benefit From Personalised Snapback Caps?

Snapback caps are a versatile accessory, perfect for anyone looking to combine style with practicality. These caps are also ideal for:

  • Fashion-forward individuals: Adds a trendy touch to any outfit.
  • Sports enthusiasts: Keeps the sun out of the eyes during outdoor activities.
  • Brand promoters: Ideal for custom branding, making them great for marketing merchandise.
  • Music and festival goers: Offers a stylish way to express personality at events.
  • Outdoor adventurers: Provides essential sun protection while hiking, camping, or beachgoing.

Care Tips for Branded Snapback Hats

Here are some tips you can do to take care of your snapbacks:

  • Handle your caps with clean hands: Pick your hat up with clean hands from the front or back of the brim to preserve the shape of the crown and avoid stains and discolouration.
  • Store appropriately: If you’re keeping multiple caps in a single storage box, place the heaviest one in the bottom first to help maintain its shape. For more excellent protection, place a foam spacer between each cap.
  • Clean your dusty caps: Use a dry soft-bristled or makeup brush to remove your caps' dust.
  • Avoid sweat stains: A paper towel can be used within the hat's sweatband to prevent sweat stains. Grease and oil stains are difficult to clean.
  • Wash occasionally or when necessary: Like any clothing item, your cap can get dirty and accumulate enough sweat to require the occasional cleaning. Do not wash your caps in the washing machine or dryer since it can distort the shape and fade the cap’s colours. Gently hand wash your cap using cool water with mild, liquid detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Caps

Are your products stocked locally in Australia?

Yes, our snapbacks are stocked locally in Australia, allowing for quick and reliable shipping across the country.

Can your snapbacks be supplied unbranded?

Absolutely, we can supply unbranded caps, offering a versatile option for both individual customers and businesses looking for customisable apparel.

Why do snapbacks have stickers on them?

They traditionally come with stickers from the manufacturer that feature a logo, sizing, and other important details. You can find these stickers on the top of the cap or sometimes underneath. While some people like to keep the stickers on for authenticity, others remove them when they take their caps home.

Can these caps be ordered in various colours to match our brand identity?

Yes, snapback caps are available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to choose options that best match your brand identity or promotional theme.

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Black and Red Cap

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