How to Fix a Dry Promotional Ballpoint Pen

Let’s face it. When buying promotional merchandise, it is best to get the most affordable ones. Ballpoint pens take the lead. It is affordable to buy them in bulk. However, storing them in a safe, dry place (which is what is recommended) can cause them to dry out.

How to Get Your Ballpoint Pen Working Again

Have A Heap of Frozen Promotional Ball Point Pens? Get Them Working Again

There is no need to despair, we have compiled a list of ways you can get your pens working again. If one does not work, then you can try using these tips in succession of the other or use combinations.

  1. Shake the pen—at times, the ink is just jammed because the pen has been in one position for an extended period. Try shaking your pen in different directions to ‘awaken’ the ink.

  2. Scribble in one spot—point the nib down, directly and firmly press it against the paper and scribble in a rough manner.

  3. Run the pen under alternating water temperatures. Alternate the cold and hot temperatures, and the ink will start moving again.

  4. Try the use of thinners and cleaners. You can wipe the tip using liquid thinners, nail polish removers, cleaning alcohol etc. to loosen the ink dried on the tip.

  5. Try rubbing the pen over a ‘grippy surface.’ The best include the sole of a shoe or an eraser. Even a rubber band can be effective.

  6. As a last resort, you can use a lighter to get the ink moving. Apply a little heat to the nib to get the ink moving.

There you have it. There is no need to break your budget by buying upscale, expensive products. You can stick to the most reliable, trusted norm—ballpoint pens. Remember to keep them in the middle shelves to improve their shelf life. And when they seem to be frozen, try ‘jump-starting’ them using any of the tips above. If all else fails, get in touch with Cubic Promote for a high-quality new batch of ballpoint pens to give as gifts.

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