Promotional Gloves

Buy gloves custom printed with your logo. Gloves are a fantastic promotional product that can be used by all and will be greatly appreciated by your customers and clients during the colder months of the year. Cubic Promote stocks a range of comfortable, protective gloves for everyday use by Australian recipients. Hand these custom decorated gloves out to your staff as an addition to their uniforms or at events to enjoy endless brand impressions on your target audience.

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We Embroider Gloves

Here at Cubic Promote, we have access to the latest branding technologies. Our range of  gloves can be embroidered in with your logo, creating a premium, professional-looking brand. Embroidery lasts a long time, and we can embroider in any colours, achieving an eye-catching look that will pop in vibrant full colour for years to come.

What are Gloves?

A glove is a garment covering the hand, typically for warmth or protection. Gloves usually have separate sheaths or openings for each finger and the thumb, and sometimes extend over the wrist or part of the arm. You wear gloves to keep your hands warm or dry. Custom promotional gloves give you brand publicity at the touch of your fingertips! This is the perfect promotional product for those colder winter months.

Our branded glove range is perfect for those who want to get their brand out there, while also supplying a product people will actually use and love. We have a wide range of glove styles and materials, including wool, polar fleece, polyester, and even Thinsulate, a material that controls temperature, making them extra warm. We carry a range of styles including gloves for fashion, work-wear gloves, and even ski/snowboard gloves, so there really is something for everyone!

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our custom gloves are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. The standard turnaround time for bulk gloves is 2 weeks, including delivery. If you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order and we may be able to accommodate a faster turnaround time.

A Great Seasonal Gift

Promotional Gloves make ideal gifts for clients and staff alike who you are trying to ‘wow’ with a premium, high-quality product they will actually use. Our Promotional Gloves are great for the winter months when it gets colder, and make a memorable promotional gift, as they are unique; your promotional gloves will be definitely be remembered.

How to Care for Branded Gloves

You can wash your branded gloves in the laundry machine with the rest of your washing, so they’re a super easy, no-fuss product. If you're concerned about the gloves getting lost or catching on anything, pop them into a delicates bag before washing. You can then machine wash on cold and hang to dry.

FAQ on Gloves

Do you supply gloves with logo printing?

Yes, we supply gloves with your custom branding. We can embroider into these gloves, creating a premium, long-lasting brand on each glove.

What is the smallest number of gloves I can order?

The minimum quantity of gloves we can supply is 50 pairs.

Do you have gloves that can be used with touch screens?

Yes, we stock gloves that have touch screen fingertips, making it easy to scroll on your phone or tablet without sacrificing the warmth of your hands.

Do you stock gloves without a fleecy exterior?

Yes, we have a wide range of gloves made out of different materials. Ask one of our friendly staff what you’re after, and we will find the perfect product for you.

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