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We know how thirsty you are for fresh marketing ideas, so we've teamed up with Hydr8 Water to provide you with a simple yet memorable way to attract potential clients. Hydr8 Water is the no.1 personalised bottled water creator in Australia that supplies trendy custom water bottles filled with Australia's best-tasting water. To make it more appealing and professional, they provide a variety of branded water bottle designs like glass bottles, square-shaped bottles, and boston bottles.

All the water used to fill these promotional bottles is of the finest quality and is either steam-distilled or spring water. Additionally, their personalised bottled water offers a space for branding where you can add your logo or design.

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A Refreshing Way To Promote Your Brand

Offer your consumers a practical, healthy giveaway while spreading the word about your business with promotional bottled water. Who doesn't get thirsty while making the rounds at a trade fair or company function? This is one of the perfect venues to give away some of your customised bottled water. Restaurants, delis, cafes, and any dining establishments can add these to their menu rather than selling commercially-bottled water. Custom-branded bottled water is also a great giveaway at sporting events and music concerts. Hydr8 Water's promotional bottled water is perfect for:

  • Product launches
  • Trade exhibitions
  • Conferences & Expos
  • Events
  • Open days
  • Business meetings
  • Sporting competitions
  • Gala dinners
  • Fêtes / School carnivals

Hydr8 Water

Hydr8 Water Background

Founded in 1997, Hydr8 Water is an Australian-owned and -operated business that produces bulk logo-printed bottled water for Aussies. They have five strategically-located factories in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Darwin, all of which are HACCP-certified. In addition, Hydr8 Water is a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA).

What Cubic Promote Can Do

For more than 16 years, Cubic Promote has provided Australians with high-quality, reasonably priced personalised items. Due to Hydr8 Water's extensive knowledge of the promotional bottled water market and our desire to provide our clients with corporate freebies to help build their brands, we decided to collaborate with them.

While Hydr8 Water supplies us with bottled water, our knowledgeable team of branding experts ensures the artwork or logo is displayed on the bottles by employing the best branding strategy. We also utilise labels that are 100% waterproof to protect the integrity of your brand.

As an official distributor, Cubic Promote can offer you the best deals on all Hydr8 Water's branded bottled water. Your order doesn't need to be picked up from the Hydr8 Water warehouse because we'll ship it directly to your Australian address. We'd be pleased to send you a free sample to your preferred location if you'd want to check it out before making a big purchase.

To acquire a price quote or begin your order of bulk Hydr8 Water personalised bottled water, please email us at or call 1300 858 288

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