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Promotional Torch Key Rings

Buy torch key rings custom printed with your graphic or logo. Flashlight or torch key rings are mobile promotional devices that attach to keys or bags for use when things get dark. Cubic Promote stocks a wide array of compact torches and flashlights with keychain attachments, all of which are durable and light up brightly. Our custom branded torch keyrings are the perfect accessory to give Australians keen on being prepared whether they're visiting a National Park or just driving home late from work, so get your brand in front of these Aussies with quality custom keyring torches. Check out our Buying Guide for Key Chain Flashlights to get more ideas.

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Fast Shipping in Australia

We stock a large variety of keyring torches riht here in Australia so that we can decorate and deliver them Australia wide. Our standard turnaround time for flashlight key chains is 2 weeks, including delivery. If you have an urgent deadline looming then let our team know and we'll work towards your express time frame.

What is a Keyring Flashlight?

A keyring flashlight is a small electric lamp that comes attached to a keyring for portability. Here in Australia we usually call these torch keyrings as they are keyrings that include a torch. Most keyring torches are operated with the press of a button before lighting up, providing much needed visibility in desperate situations like a car break down or finding a lost item. Here in Australia most consumers will benefit from keeping a handy keyring torch either on their keys or in their car or home tool box. You'll often find them used in promoting outdoor or trade-oriented businesses due to their high level of use in these areas.

Torch Keyrings as Handy Gifts

Torches are products that get a lot of use in the home, office, or vehicle because they're just so handy to have around. Take advatange of this by giving the gift of torch keyrings in stylish gift boxes with personalised engraving to help mark an important event or to reward workplace performance. A well-made flashlight keyring given as a gift will last years, which means your logo will enjoy exposure for some time to come. Whether you're in the automative industry, camping & lifestyle, or are simply an office manager looking to give something handy to your staff members, you'll find torch keyrings make rather handy gifts.

Another handy promotional tool are these custom branded calculators. Great for your staff in the accounting department.

How To Care for Key Chain Flashlights

Because keychain flashlights use small batteries we recommend keeping them away from young children due to the choking hazard these batteries may pose. If you intend to store your keyring torches for a long period of time we suggest if possible to remove the batteries included in your torch so they do not leak. If your key chain flashlight gets dirty we suggest wiping it down with a microfibre cloth.

FAQ on Torch Keychains

Do you supply torch keyrings with custom printing?

Yes, we sell keyring torches with your unique decoration.

What is the minimum number of torch keyrings you can supply?

The smallest number of keyring torches we can sell is 100 units.

Do your key chain flashlights come with batteries?

Yes, our keychain flashlights come complete with batteries unless otherwise noted. There will be a small plastic pull to remove in order to connect the batteries when you're first using the torch, this is to keep them from going through all their power during transit to you.

Can you make torch key rings in custom shapes?

Yes, we can make unique key ring shapes using PVC moulding. We keep the interior the same as any other torch with the LED light and batteries, but the outer casing is moulded into your preferred shape (such as a logo or mascot) and then when ready it is attached to a keyring. Let us know if you'd be keen to do something like this.

Gift Boxing and Packaging of Personalised Mini Lights

We deliver most of our lights in cello bags as standard, to protect them from scratches during transportation. For premium keyring torches these come in either a paper gift box or a metal tin box (depending on product). Retail packaging is also available upon request so that your order will look its best once handed out. A well-presented custom branded light up key ring can significantly increase the perception of both price and quality of the item which will be beneficial for your branding and marketing needs.Here are some of the options available for you.

Pictured here are options including Velvet Pouch | Metal Tin Can | Plastic Leaf Box | Paper Gift Box


pouch for lights packaging tin box custom lights packaging box for printed keyring lights packaging box for promotional lights


Branded Keychain Lights with Batteries

All our keyring lights come delivered to you with batteries to save you time and money as well as the hassle of needing to buy cell batteries to match your promotional printed torch. They come either pre-packed with AAA cells, lithium batteries, or button cells. When delivered, the batteries are either packaged separately or pre-inserted into the torch with a small plastic tab to prevent electrical current running into the flashlight.

Packing cells into our promotional keyring flashlights enable your items to have a longer battery life when in use, and also it prevents corrosion on the battery terminals.

Light Up Key rings Using LED Technology

The majority of our mini or micro keyring lights use LED lighting technology. LED lights use circuitry boards to create light. Advantages of LED lights include:

  • Brighter light
  • Energy efficient which means a longer lasting light
  • LED lights are not as hot to the touch
  • Longer product lifecycle in general
  • Bright Strong white light
  • Intense, focused, sharp light
  • Ideal nighttime safety device

Promotional Micro Keyring Incandescent Lights

A small proportion of our range still uses traditional older technology in the form of incandescent bulbs. These lights have an advantage, in that they offer:

  • A warmer softer yellow light compared to LED key lights
  • A retro look and feel
  • A more defused looking light

Images for pad printing on torch keyrings.

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Torch Keyring

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