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Tea Towels

Promotional Kitchen Tea Towels

Purchase kitchen tea towels, custom printed with your graphics, images and logos. We stock a range of tea towels in different sizes. You would be sure to find an option that is perfect for your event and your budget too. (tea towels are available at both cheap and premium options). We send Tea Towels personalised in bulk volumes all around Australia, and we deliver to your organisation or direct to your event.

Options to Custom Print Tea Towels

The most popular way to personalise tea towels is through the use of screen printing. Using this traditional technique to brand your graphics, we can print your images in spot colour prints (up to 4 different spot colours). The results of a screen printed tea towels are terrific, considering it is the cheapest way to decorate.

Another option to personalise tea towels is through a direct digital print which costs a little more than screen printing. This branding method allows for a photo finish and is the ideal choice for full coloured graphics and images.

Bulk Delivery Tea towels Australia

All our tea towels are delivered to Australia only. The turnaround time for purchase orders in stock is two weeks. Indent custom made orders for kitchen cleaning towels is available. Please contact us for more information.

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What are Promotional Tea Towels?

Promotional tea towels are lightweight linen or cotton towels used for drying dishes and glassware in the kitchen. Promotional tea towels are popular in homes, business, and expo kitchens across Australia. Our durable and easy-to-wash range of tea towels come printed with your custom logo and make excellent gifts as well as marketing items.

Useful Ideas to Use a Promotional Tea Towel

Kitchen tea towels are useful around the home, consider using them as:

  1. Dinner Placemats
  2. To cover food to protect food from insects
  3. Use tea towels to serve food
  4. To dry vegetables for salads
  5. As a lining device for when storing delicate items
  6. A wet tea towel placed under a chopping board will prevent the board from sliding.
  7. On the bottom of a saucepan to prevent eggs from cracking, when boiling an egg in water.

Water Absorbent Dish Towels

Our tea towels provide excellent water absorption. The fabric and the design are created for the home. Consider using promotional kitchen Towels for your next marketing or promotional event. You will be surprised at how versatile a kitchen tea towel is. Real Estate, food-related events, fund raising and any industry that is home related would find dish towels extremely useful as a marketing item.

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