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Promotional LED Lights and Signs

We sell LED lights and signs custom printed with your logo or graphic. Cubic Promote is the leading supplier of innovative promotional products, like LED lights, perfect for illuminating your brand in a memorable way. Our custom LED lights and signs are ideal for attracting attention at trade shows, events, or in retail spaces. We stock a wide range of LED products, from compact lights to large, eye-catching signs, all available for customisation to fit your promotional needs.

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Who Do We Recommend This For?

Custom LED lights and signs are recommended for:

  • Businesses wanting to enhance their visibility and brand presence in a modern and dynamic way.
  • Event organisers looking to create a memorable atmosphere at concerts, festivals, or corporate events.
  • Retailers aiming to attract more customers with bright, inviting signage.

Care Guide

To maintain the quality and functionality of your custom LED lights and signs, follow these care tips:

  • Keep them clean by gently wiping with a soft, dry cloth; avoid using harsh chemicals or water that can damage the electronics.
  • Replace batteries or check electrical connections regularly to ensure optimal performance.
  • Store in a dry, cool place when not in use to prevent damage from humidity or extreme temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these LED products be used outdoors?

Many of our LED products are suitable for outdoor use, but please check specific item details for weather resistance and durability.

What power sources are required for these LED lights and signs?

Options vary from battery-operated to mains powered; we'll match the product to your needs.

Can I control the brightness or colour of the LED signs?

Yes, many of our LED signs come with adjustable settings for brightness and colour, allowing for customisation to suit your event or brand theme.

What is the lifespan of LED lights and signs?

LED technology is known for its longevity, with many products lasting tens of thousands of hours with proper care.

Is custom sizing available for LED signs?

Yes, we offer custom sizing to ensure your LED sign fits perfectly in your desired space.

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