Lollipops (branded lollies)

Promotional Custom Branded Lollipops - Bulk Buy Sweet Treats

Lollipops are delicious candies presented on a stick that your recipients can enjoy wherever they go. Lollipops are colourful, tasty, and their packaging looks incredible when accented with your logo design. Children, students, and adults alike will appreciate receiving one of the lollipops from Cubic Promote once we've added your unique decoration to them. Whether you require confectionery for a marketing event, outdoor festival or school fete, we're bound to have bulk promotional lollipops that suit your needs.

Customisation Options for Lollipop Sweets

What makes our lollipops great, other than the flavours, is how many branded packaging solutions we offer. Get lollipops with a sticker featuring your logo, or perhaps a stick flag printed with your business details. We also supply lollipops in bulk containers for placing on tables at events or giving as gifts to others. Cubic Promote is dedicated to getting your message out there on the tastiest lollipops available!

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22 Items

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Promotional Lollypop Flavours

Our lollypops come in a range of really cool colours and flavours. There's bound to be one to tickle your fancy.

  • - Yellow (lemon) | Blue (tutti frutti) | Orange (orange)
  • - Red (strawberry) | Green (apple) | Purple (grape)

All these flavours have been extensively taste-tested for you already so that you know they are tasty!. Check out our Buying Guide for Lollipops if you'd like further information.

Ideas For Using Lollipops in Promotions

Lollipops with stickers or attached cards make great alternatives to standard gift cards with purchases. They are low in cost and will give your recipient a much-appreciated sugar hit. Lollipops in jars or plastic containers make awesome additions to tables at business lunches or birthdays/weddings. If your organisation works directly with the public, consider having a jar of lollipops on staff desks or counters so that they can distribute lollies to children or guests. It also doesn't hurt to try the basics, such as handing lollipops out at free promotional events, outdoor expos, conferences or school fetes.

What Are Custom Branded Lollipops?

Promotional Lollipops are a type of confectionery made from hard, often boiled candy, that we add to the end of sticks for easy consumption. Our lollipops are made with promotion in mind, so they feature branding on the outer packaging of the product. Lollipops are a popular sugary treat to give out because their sticks mean they are easy to enjoy on the move.

Lollipops in Your Choice of Colour

We deliver lollipops to you in either mixed colours or your choice of corporate colours. Colours available include red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white and a mix of various colours/flavours. Ask us when you make your enquiry and tell us which colours you would prefer.

Storage and Shelf Life

Another feature that makes lollipops a great promotional option is the fact that they have a long shelf life of around 1.5 years from production. We suggest you store your branded lollipops away from direct sunlight and at a standard office temperature. You should not keep your lollipops in a humid environment, as this may cause them to melt slightly and lose their appealing look.

Lollipop Nutritional Labelling and Food Safety

We take the safety of our food products seriously and as such, include standard nutritional labelling on the back of our lollipops. In Australia, it is a legal requirement to have nutritional value visible at all times. Our lollipops look and taste fantastic because we follow all necessary laws and regulations in Australia regarding food safety. Because we take care in our production process, you can be confident when buying promotional lollipops from the Cubic Promote team.

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