Long Sleeve Tees

Promotional Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Buy long-sleeved tees custom printed with your graphic or logo in Australia. T-shirts with long sleeves are fantastic for sun protection during warm weather and provide an added layer on the arms during cooler periods.

Cubic Promote stocks an extensive range of long-sleeve tees made from durable and easy-wearing materials. So whether you're looking to upgrade your uniforms, outfit your sports team, or provide a quality promotional item to active Australians, you can't beat our custom-branded t-shirts with long sleeves. 

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Ideal Use Case

Long sleeve t-shirts are versatile garments suited for cooler weather, layering, or sun protection. They are perfect for casual wear, sportswear, and for promotional events. These shirts also offer a comfortable fit while providing ample space for branding. Customisable with logos and designs, they're perfect for corporate uniforms, team wear, or as merchandise, effectively enhancing brand visibility.

How to Care for Long Sleeve T-Shirts

To ensure your long sleeve t-shirts, especially those with decorations, remain in top condition, follow these key care instructions:

  • Check Washing Instructions: Always check the tag for specific cleaning instructions tailored to your garment.
  • Avoid Tumble Drying: To preserve the shirt’s custom logo, avoid using a tumble dryer.
  • Iron on Reverse: Iron the tee on the reverse side only, using a low temperature to avoid damaging the print.
  • Protect from Direct Sunlight: Ensure the print does not face direct sunlight to prevent fading and potential damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply long sleeve tees with logo printing?

Yes, we sell t-shirts with long sleeves and your custom decoration on the front. Reach out to our sales team today for more information.

Are your products stocked locally in Australia?

Yes, our shirts are stocked locally in Australia, allowing for quick and reliable shipping across the country.

How do I prevent the sleeves from stretching out?

Avoid hanging long sleeve t-shirts on hangers, as gravity can stretch the sleeves. Instead, fold them and store them in a drawer.

How do I choose the right size for this shirt?

Measure your chest, waist, and arm length and compare these to the brand's sizing chart. Consider how you prefer the fit (tight, regular, or loose) as sizing can vary between brands.

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