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Promotional Luggage Wraps

Buy luggage wraps customised with your unique design or company logo. We offer numerous long lasting luggage wraps in bulk for your promotional needs. Business travellers, vacationers, sports groups and teams, and tour operators will appreciate your personalised bag handle wraps.

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What is a Luggage Handle Wrap?

They are a slip of material that goes around the handle of bags to help make them more comfortable to carry. Most luggage wraps are rectangular-shaped and made from polyester with a Velcro closure, so you can add them to a bag or remove them as required.

Benefits of this Product

Here's why incorporating luggage wraps into your travel gear is a smart choice:

  • Security Enhancement: Luggage wraps deter theft and luggage tampering.
  • Damage Protection: Shield your bags from scratches, dents, and general wear and tear.
  • Easy Identification: Brightly coloured or uniquely patterned wraps make your bags stand out on the carousel.
  • Water Resistance: Certain wraps offer a degree of protection against rain or spills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are luggage wraps made of?

Luggage wraps are typically made from plastic, fabric, or eco-friendly materials designed to be durable and sometimes water-resistant.

Can it prevent theft?

While they can't guarantee to prevent theft, wraps significantly deter tampering by adding an extra layer that thieves would need to remove, making it more likely they'll target easier options.

Are luggage wraps reusable?

Many fabric and eco-friendly wraps are designed for multiple uses, whereas plastic wraps are generally single-use but may be recyclable.

Can I still access my luggage quickly if it's wrapped?

Access depends on the wrap type. Fabric and some eco-friendly wraps have zippers or openings for easy access, while plastic wraps must be cut to access the luggage contents.

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