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Promotional Jackets & Vests Custom Printed with your Logo

Shop with Cubic Promote to get corporate jackets and vests customised with your corporate branding. We deliver jackets and vests direct to your door, all around Australia complete with custom imprinting of your corporate logo, graphics, websites or text. We have garments to suit all occasions with both low-priced and premium options available. Consider purchasing a jacket from our range and match it with a branded polo shirt or a t-shirt for a sleek look that your recipients will love.

Sweaters and Jackets as Gifts

Here at Cubic Promote our team of professionals are experts in custom branding your design on outerwear. We draw on our years of experience to expertly brand your garments in bulk. We supply jackets and vests to you with custom decoration using a premium technique such as embroidery, screen printing, or CMYK full-colour custom digital printing. You will not be disappointed when you purchase your personalised jackets, vests or outerwear with us.

Fleecy Jackets

Comfortable & warm jackets for work or home.


Personalised vests for uniforms and more.

Casual Jackets

Promotional shell jackets with custom logo branding.

Corporate Jackets

Personalised business suit jackets for the office.

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Custom Jackets and Vests For Any Organisation or Event

We have a long history of supplying customised outerwear for a variety of Australian groups and events. These include clubs, technology companies, outdoor fun run events, charity events, exhibitions, financial companies, colleges, sporting clubs, universities, outdoor events, schools, marketing expos and more. You can be confident in your purchase of durable promotional jackets or vests from Cubic Promote.

What is Corporate Outerwear?

Corporate outerwear is durable clothing you wear over the top of standard daily attire (such as a business shirt and slacks). Cubic Promote's customised outerwear encompasses sweaters, jackets, vests and hoodies featuring your design branded in bulk on the exterior. Promotional jackets and vests are popular marketing items for getting your message out in public during the winter months.

Fast, Personalised Jackets Within Australia

If you need customised jackets for your staff or event attendees, Cubic Promote can provide them to your organisation in a standard two-week production timeframe. We decorate the jackets locally with your unique logo design and then use a courier service to deliver them securely to your location anywhere in Oz.

Personalising Your Outerwear Using Embroidery, Screen Printing or Digital Printed Transfers

These three branding techniques represent the most popular methods used to brand outerwear. Each form of branding has its advantages and disadvantages which we cover below.


Embroidery involves stitching threads within a small area to create your logo or graphic. We use embroidery for smaller branding areas of no more than 10 centimetres. As the area increases, the cost can get quite high. In the case of embroidery, we determine the cost by stitch count rather than colour. Embroidery works best on outerwear when we place it on the chest, collar or the sleeve.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is possibly the second most popular way to brand onto outerwear. This method allows for large areas to be branded (above 10cm) at a cost similar to embroidery. Screen printing is done (and invoiced) by individual colours. Darker pieces of clothing may require a double screen print for maximum legibility.

Digital Printed Transfers

If you would like your design in full colour but also require a print technique, a digital print transfer is the best option to meet your needs. With this technique, we print your logo or slogan onto a sheet which is then heat transferred onto your garment. This is a higher cost option than screen printing, but the breath-taking full-colour results are worth the investment.

Caring for Your Garment and Your Branding

Regardless of the style of outerwear you purchase, we always recommend you follow the instructions shown on the tag of each jacket, hoodie or sweater. You cannot iron these items; we instead suggest line-drying or dry-cleaning. Other than standard garment care, we also suggest that you wash the units inside out to protect your custom logo or graphic against a harsh washing cycle. If you take care of your promotional clothing it will last a long time, staying sharp and stylish as well.

When it comes time to store your garment, we recommend using a clothes hanger to preserve the shape and integrity of the design. If you do wish to store your outerwear in a drawer, we recommend that you do not fold along the printed graphic. If folding along the graphic is unavoidable, please ensure the graphic is not in contact with any other print or embroidery. We suggest this as custom prints can stick to similar materials over time.

If you expect your custom branded outerwear garment to be used and washed often, we recommend you to choose either embroidery or a printed transfer print to have maximum branding durability.

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