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Promotional Oven Mitts

Buy oven mitts custom printed with your graphics or logo. Promotional Oven Mitts are great gift ideas for the home aimed at anyone who cooks using an oven or microwave. Custom oven mitts make popular marketing gifts for restaurants, schools, events, and local businesses alike. Cubic Promote carries a variety of different oven mitt styles all of which are durable and manufactured for use in the kitchen. Our custom branded oven mitts are perfect for everyday Master Chefs whether used at home or in the workplace.

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We Sublimation Print Oven Mitts

We add your vibrant, colourful designs to oven mitts using the modern sublimation printing method. Sublimation allows us to replicate your full photographic design on the mitts, conveying your message in all the colours of the rainbow. We can also accommodate screen printing on some oven mitts, giving you an option if you'd prefer 1-3 colours only. Either way, the result is a refined oven mitt featuring your logo emblazoned right on the front.

A Terrific Household Gift

Promotional oven mitts are the perfect gift as they are used on occasions where hot things need to be handled. Consider using personalised oven mitts at food events, cooking shows and classes, offices, commercial & residential kitchens. Don't forget that pot holders and oven mitts combine perfectly with promotional BBQ gift sets to create the ultimate household promo pack! Speak to our customer care team for more information on homeware for your next marketing campaign.

What is an Oven Mitt?

An oven mitt is an insulated glove to protect against hot surfaces of cookware. Whenever you require to handle hot objects in the kitchen, always wear an oven mitt and make sure the mitts are made from heat-resistant materials.

Tips for Cleaning Oven Mitts

Soak your oven mitt in warm soapy water for some time. Then, carefully wring out the oven mitt and rinse it out under a tap with running water until all signs of detergent and suds are gone. Finally, dry the oven mitt under the sun with good airflow.

FAQ on Oven Mitts

Do you supply oven mitts with logo printing?

Yes, our oven mitts come customised with your logo or personal messages.

What is the smallest number of oven mitts I can order?

The minimum quantity of oven mitts we can supply is 50.

What is the difference between oven mitts and pot holders?

Although both oven mitts and pot holders help shield our hands in the kitchen, the most recognisable difference is the shape. Oven mitts are mitten-shaped and offer full coverage of the hand and wrist.

Potholders, on the other hand, are smaller in size. This is because they were originally designed to grip the handles on pots only. In addition, potholders generally come in the shape of square, rectangular or round, thus offering less skin coverage on the hand, making it easier to grab when you're in a hurry.

Can you make oven mitts and pot holders in custom shapes?

Yes, with large enough orders we can make oven mitts and pot holders in unique shapes to suit your marketing campaign. Production times and costs will vary depending on exactly what you're after so please speak to our customer care team for more information.

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Oven Mitt

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