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Personalized M&Ms

Buy Logo Branded M&M's

M&Ms are the perfect confectionery product for Australian corporate events, which is why Cubic Promote is proud to supply authentic M&Ms to Australian consumers in custom packaging. The famous chocolate buttons that "Melt in your mouth, not in your hand" each feature a light, colourful candy shell over a delicious chocolate centre. Cubic Promote delivers tasty M&M's in your choice of promotional packaging to any Australian event or business. Contact our team for more information today! For further M&M's reading, feel free to check out our Buying Guide for Personalised M&M's.

M&M's in Corporate Promotional Packaging

One of the great things about M&M's is that their small size means it's possible to fit many of them in various sizes and styles of containers. Our range of promotional M&M packaging includes basic cello bags and mini plastic tubes, as well as premium options such as glass jars and stylish metal tins. For your next Christmas or Valentine's Day promotion, we even have the option of unique hard plastic cases in tree and heart shapes. Every single style of packaging comes decorated in bulk with your logo or slogan design.

Please be advised that branding on the actual chocolate button is only possible with Smarties candy. Our M&M's come in custom decorated packaging.

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What Are Promotional M&M's?

M&M's are a popular chocolate and candy confection created by the Mars Corporation that Cubic Promote supplies in unique containers with your promotional branding on them. M&M's are one of the most beloved commercial chocolates in Australia which makes them perfect to use as part of a marketing or fundraising campaign. M&M's come in a mixed assortment of colours only including Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, and Orange.

Buying Personalised M&M's in Australia

Custom M&M's and Branded Smarties

Unfortunately, due to patents currently in place across Australia by the Mars Corporation, we can only personalise M& M's through custom packaging. If you did want to have a custom logo or slogan printed using food safe ink on the actual chocolate button, we happily provide this service on Smarties candy Australia wide.

The M&M's Brand Advantage

One huge advantage to using M& M's or Smarties for your next promotional event is their established branding. M& M's and Smarties chocolates are known the world over and have consistently popular across demographics for generations. Because consumers are familiar with these brands, they know what they're getting when you present them with an exquisite box of M& M's or Smarties. Other custom branded confectionery doesn't have the same advantage. So make use of the familiarity and quality assurance that have made M& M's and Smarties what they are today. Order customised M& M's printed in time for your next corporate event!

M&M's For Your Next Celebration

With our huge variety of customised packaging options, M& M's are the perfect favours for your next birthday, wedding or anniversary event. Whether you select a divine custom love heart box to house your chocolate buttons, or perhaps a stylish stainless steel mug your recipients will be impressed. What better gifts to give to your attendees than their favourite chocolate in packaging you've made your own? Contact Cubic Promote today to learn more about branded M& M's for weddings and parties.

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