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Promotional Phone Stands

Buy Phone stands custom printed with your company logo. Phone stands are fantastic promotional products for all mobile phone users. We carry a wide array of stands that are sturdy and portable. In addition, our custom branded phone holders for mobile users, whether you work at the office, co-working space or simply having a coffee with your business partners, are a great option to showcase your brand.


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Pad Print, Engrave of Full Colour Digital Print

Using the latest pad printing technology, we expertly pad print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto the outer surface of the phone holders. The result is vibrant, professionally finished stands with your logo emblazoned onto the side.

In addition, some phone stands can be decorated with a full-colour digital print or engraving.

Phone Stands as Corporate Gifts

Phone holders are the perfect gift for many occasions. Consider using phone holders at tradeshows, tech expos or during events where you want to do live streaming and keep both your hands free. 

Imagine having your phone displayed nicely on a charger phone stand. Ease view and ready to be grabbed any time charged for your next go-to place. Or having excellent pen caddies with a phone stand will give you a secure place to place your phone every time you are at your desk.

If phone stands are not suitable, consider a promotional stubby cooler.

What is a Phone Stand? 

Phone stands are portable accessories to hold and secure our phones. It keeps you hands-free and helps you navigate/scroll quickly while the phone is upside down. It gives a comfortable view, sees the notifications quickly and responds faster while working on other things.

How To Care for your Phone Holders?

As with all pad prints, the branding on the phone holders will withstand daily wear and tear. However, sharp impacts on the custom branded logo will damage the branding. We also recommend users not scratch the logo as it will come off. For general use, though, your logo imprinted onto the phone holders should last two years, providing you with excellent marketing exposure for your brand. 

FAQ on Phone Holders

Do you supply phone stands with custom printing?

Yes, our phone holders come with one colour logo printing as standard.

Do you supply phone stands with no custom decoration?

Yes, let us know which style of phone holders and we can supply them in bulk.

Do your stands hold all phone sizes?

Our phone stands hold most smartphones, including the latest from iPhone and Samsung etc.

What other functions can phone stands have?

We have some phone stands that are also chargers, pen caddies, etc.

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