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Promotional Photo Full-Colour Mugs 

Buy promotional photo full colour mugs custom printed with your company’s logo or graphics. These vibrant mugs are perfect for showcasing detailed designs and images. Personalise them to ensure your brand is always visible.

Cubic Promote, with 18 years of experience, serves over 4,500 Australian businesses each year. We take pride in offering high-quality promotional products. As one of the few carbon-neutral certified companies in Australia, we are dedicated to sustainability. Choosing our branded full colour mugs supports a company that values both quality and the environment.

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Branding Techniques for Custom Printed Mugs

  • Sublimation: A process where dye is transferred onto the mug under high heat and pressure, allowing for vibrant, full-wrap images and designs that are dishwasher safe and long-lasting.
  • Digital Printing: Provides precise, high-quality prints directly on the mug’s surface, suitable for detailed graphics and colourful artwork.

How To Care For the Branding on Photo Mugs

To preserve the quality and vibrancy of the branding on full-colour photo mugs, wash them gently by hand using mild detergent, although sublimation-printed mugs are usually dishwasher safe. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the surface and diminish the clarity of the image. For longevity, it's best to avoid extreme temperature changes that can affect the print.

Who Can Benefit From Branded Mugs

Promotional full-colour photo mugs are perfect for:

  • Companies aiming to enhance their brand visibility with high-quality merchandise.
  • Individuals or groups looking for personalised gift items.
  • Marketing agencies seeking creative and visually striking promotional tools.
  • Cafes and restaurants wanting to offer custom tableware.
  • Event organisers looking for unique keepsake items for participants or attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Promotional Mugs

Do you supply full-colour photo mugs with logo printing?

Yes, we supply full-colour photo mugs with your unique custom branding. If you'd like to incorporate your logo into the photograph, we can do this at no additional cost. Some customers also opt to add their contact number, email address or web URL into the design. Check out this Mugs Buying Guide.

What is the minimum order required?

Our minimum order quantity for full-colour photo cups is 36 units for most styles. Contact our expert sales team for more information.

Can you print my photo across the entire body of the mug, edge-to-edge?

For some styles, we can print edge-to-edge designs. These are normally options that have straight walls as the printing machines can effectively maneuver them. If you're unsure, our team will be able to suggest styles that can best accommodate border-to-border designs.

Do you offer gift boxing for photographic full-colour mugs?

We have a range of gift box options available for our photographic cups. The most popular colours are white or black for a high-end professional look or natural for an environmentally conscious appeal.

Can I put photographic print insert mugs in the dishwasher?

Mugs with plastic exteriors and a full-colour printed insert cannot be washed in the dishwasher. We recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the products.

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