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Promotional Golf Pitch Repairers

Buy promotional golf pitch repairers custom printed with your design or logo. Do not let sloppy pitch marks ruin a round of golf for you and your colleagues. Make sure you have a few branded golf pitch repairers and give them to your playing partners before you tee off. You will only find the best pitch repairers on Cubic Promote! For your convenience, we maintain a warehouse in Australia where we keep a supply of our mass-produced, personalised golf pitch repairers. So wherever you are, you'll receive your orders faster.

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We Pad Print, Laser Engrave, and Digital Full-Colour Print Golf Pitch Repairers

Cubic Promote invests in the most cutting-edge branding technology to ensure the highest possible level of brand recognition. We use the following methods to print your company's logo on our customisable golf pitch repairers:

Pad printing: Pad printing allows you to print your logo or artwork in up to three (3) spot colours on a large quantity of golf pitch repairers at a low cost.

Laser engraving: This branding method makes your product look more professional and keeps your logo or design from wearing out over time.

Digital printing: This technique allows full-colour direct printing from digital images onto various media.

Yes, We Deliver Throughout Australia

We ship to all states and territories of Australia, including remote areas. It takes about two weeks to complete most orders. However, Cubic Promote also welcomes orders with tight deadlines with three (3) day turnaround periods.

What is a Golf Pitch Repairer?

A golf pitch repairer fixes divots and other damage to the greens caused by golf club strikes. It's often made of plastic, brass, and metal, and it's compact enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take it with you everywhere you go on the golf course. Our promotional golf pitch repairers also have a specific branding area large enough to display your company's logo or brand message.

Golf Pitch Repairers as Custom Gifts

People are grateful to receive thoughtful presents that can be put to use, such as personalised golf pitch repairers. In addition, you can promote proper golf etiquette by handing out complimentary personalised pitch repairers at corporate events such as trade shows, conferences, and any other professional gatherings that you deem appropriate. Companies in the sporting goods or golfing industry can hand them out to new and returning customers as a thank-you for their patronage.

How to Care for Branded Golf Pitch Repairers

Here are some pointers for maintaining personalised golf pitch repairers:

  • Always clean it after use with a golf club brush.
  • When not in use, keep it inside your golf bag to prevent losing it.
  • Every month, thoroughly clean it with mild soap and running water.

FAQ on Golf Pitch Repairers

Do you supply golf pitch repairers with custom printing?

Yes, we offer golf pitch repairers imprinted with your logo utilising digital transfer, laser engraving, and pad printing.

What is the minimum number of custom golf pitch repairers I can order?

A minimum purchase of 25-500 pieces is required depending on the style of the pitch repairer.

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